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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 6/20/2002 5:36:32 AM EST

this had to of been discussed numerous times before, but i'm too lazy to sift through old threads.

going on a shooting trip, and i'm ordering ammo today. i'll be taking my colt h-bar, & my DPMS.

i kinda like american eagle myself, but is there any other brand that you'd suggest?? i looked at "sellier & bellot" as well, any thoughts??

thanks in advance.
Link Posted: 6/20/2002 5:38:14 AM EST
win q3131a. UMC, PMC, SA and guatemalan surplus.

some folks here think s&b is a big mistake.
Link Posted: 6/20/2002 6:08:14 AM EST
UMC is my first choice.
Wal-Mart has it for under $4.00
Link Posted: 6/20/2002 6:08:26 AM EST
Stay away from S&B, and avoid steel/laquer-coated ammo like Wolf.

The South African is great and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. You might also find some Lake City around-- check with www.ammiman.com
Link Posted: 6/20/2002 6:21:23 AM EST
Click here: www.ammoman.com
Link Posted: 6/20/2002 7:09:46 AM EST
Do you have an Academy Sports around where you live? One of the stores here has Q3131a for $3.89 or so a box.
Link Posted: 6/20/2002 8:19:41 AM EST
don't think so, that name doesn't sound familure.

but thanks to all for the advice, i appreciate it.
Link Posted: 6/20/2002 8:42:23 AM EST
I'm about to start agreeing with the comments on S&B stuff. Looks good, functions well, reloadable brass, but it don't shoot worth a damn in my guns. Groups are significantly larger than with other brands. Bought several hundred rounds because the price was right and I'd had good results with their pistol ammo, but I won't buy any more of their .223 stuff.
Link Posted: 6/20/2002 9:10:32 AM EST
ditto on the Q3131a from

Good stuff...
Link Posted: 6/20/2002 9:16:38 AM EST
Wolf will work fine with the Colt HBAR, but I can't say about the DPMS since nobody I know has one. I've shot over 1500 rounds of Wolf through a Colt HBAR with 0 problems of any kind. Just clean it and you shouldn't have a problem either.
Link Posted: 6/20/2002 9:42:51 AM EST
My experience with S&B has been just the opposite. S&B M193 is as accurate as any I have tried, shooting 1-1/2" to 2" groups at 100 yds with issue sights. S&B SS109 has shown phenominal accuracy out to 400 yards, shooting a 3-1/2" group at that range. The Russian stuff is not bad for cheap ammo, it is dirty, shoots to its own point of impact, and is slightly under powered, but still shoots 2" groups at 100 yds. The SA stuff in battlepacks is a hot load with a fast powder, and seems to be partial to longer barrels. Q3131 and Q3131A are about the best stuff available as it is M193 spec.
Link Posted: 6/20/2002 9:54:49 AM EST
I haven't seen any posts about Norinco .223 ammo, but I bought a few boxes when I first got my AR.


This past Sunday I shot the Norinco, South African and one box of Lake City. The Norinco kept jamming and hanging in the chamber. The other two performed flawlessly.

The South African is a great buy at Sportsmansguide for a member using coupon code SPG15. You save about 15%.
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