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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 1/3/2002 5:19:35 PM EST
I recently lost a Grandfather,and he left me with some serious green.
He stipulated that a certain amount went into retirement investments,and the rest to be spent on "Having intelligent fun".
The trip back to Africa is already planned and paid for.
I have a need for another AR,and after doing the 'smith thing full time for several years,have built more than a few.
I'm looking for input on a handy "Truck/Jeep carbine".
Gramps always had a M1 Carbine in the truck,and it took hundreds of woodchucks,Coyotes,stray cats and dogs,and one time even took out a rather ticked off,Angus Bull.
I'm gonna build a "Legacy" carbine to haul around.
I have already begun the search for a pre-ban lower,either a Bushy or Colt.
But where from there do I go?
I like the Bushy M4,and have lots of hands on with them,but find them a bit "Nose heavy".
I will probably mount up a ACOG.
Trigger wise I have had outstanding results from the accuracy speaks trigger unit and am leaning that way.
Hit me with some ides folks,and please...explain your reasons.
What I want to end up with is a M1 Carbine for an 80's/90's generation Jarhead,in the name of a WWII generation Army Grunt.
Any and all input will be appreciated!
Thanks all!

Link Posted: 1/3/2002 5:59:15 PM EST
all I can really say, is that I would not make my truck gun a preban Ar15. That is way to much money to lose if your truck is broken into and it gets stolen. I would go with a postban A1 or A2

my pickup gun now is a SKS

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