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Posted: 6/20/2017 6:36:09 PM EST
I have one NFA item now, and several NFA items i'm waiting on, and wanted to get a nice safe to put them in that can also hold all my guns with room to grow. I currently live in a single story house, but in a year and a half I will probably be moving to a city where an apartment is the only thing in my price range. The Liberty Lincoln 35 or 40 that I was looking at weighs almost 875 and 965 pounds respectively. I thought about downgrading to a colonial 30 at 685 pounds but that is still quite a lot of weight without the guns. I'm sure that there are some people that have TL rated safes in apartments for jewelry, watches, etc; and those have about the same weight in a smaller footprint than many RSCs i'm looking at.

Most of the places I am looking at are large commercial apartment buildings with concrete floors etc. How do I go about finding if the floors can support that kind of weight, would the leasing offices even have that info? all I have been able to find is info on safes on the second floor of wood houses. I wouldn't like to buy a safe and have to replace it in a year and a half because its too heavy.

Link Posted: 6/20/2017 6:50:43 PM EST
The second you mention something like that to the leasing office, they'll tell you that you can't do it. Better off not mentioning it. Anything under 1,000 pounds shouldn't be a problem.
Link Posted: 6/20/2017 7:08:21 PM EST
Agreed. You can tell by looking at most of the buildings and tell if it will work. Do a bit of math and figure out what the actual load in psi is for the safe and it will put you at ease. Make sure your dealer can get it into your apartment. Had to change location of my safe for 4 months cause the moving company did not have the equipment to move it up stairs.
Link Posted: 6/20/2017 7:58:19 PM EST
If I knew I was moving soon and may then move again, I'd probably be more interested in a good quality knock-down cabinet, like this:

SecureIt 52 (new model has key backup)

And then make sure I had my collection insured....and potentially have a monitored alarm system. SimpliSafe can be setup in an apartment.

But yeah, that's not what you asked.
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