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Posted: 11/23/2003 11:21:12 AM EDT
Do you wear hearing protection when shooting your .22's? I always do! Does anyone know about how many decibles a .22 puts out when fired? Thanks.
Link Posted: 11/23/2003 6:59:59 PM EDT
Depends, sometimes I do and sometime's I don't.  Moments when I don't is when I am just shooting up my own private shooting range (just my relatives farm property that I use for hunting and target shooting) or I forget it, but I try to always wear it.  When I am hunting I never do, I tried the stick a ear plug in the one ear on my shooting side, but it annoyied the hell out of me so half way through the hunt I ditched it.
Link Posted: 11/24/2003 3:53:43 PM EDT
For shooting a .22 I usually only wear protection if I'm shooting under a canopy of some sort. And then I'll skip the foam plugs and muffs and just use two cigarette butts (yea, I get lots of funny looks). A Google search of several sites say that a .22 is between 130-155 db, which I am guessing was measured at the muzzle because I don't believe they are that loud to the shooter.
Link Posted: 11/25/2003 8:35:31 AM EDT
Always wear my Pro-Ears electronic muffs.
Link Posted: 11/25/2003 10:54:48 AM EDT
Most of the time I do. A 10/22 with a 16" barrel can be rather loud unless you're in a very open area.

Usually I will skip the earplugs if I'm shooting my Rem 513T. With a 27" barrel the report is just a pop, especially so with standard velocity ammo.
Link Posted: 11/25/2003 12:31:57 PM EDT
A .22 caliber rifle produces sound frequencies that while not noticeably loud, nevertheless still do permanent damage to your hearing.  Always wear some form of hearing protection when firing any gun. my .02
Link Posted: 11/25/2003 5:03:48 PM EDT
with my brother's walther p22 yes because out of the 3.4 inch barrel 22lr even colibre is LOUD! but out of my 10/22 i dont wear any. Maybe its just that i always shoot in open spaces or maybe its just me but wearing hearing protection for a 10/22 is going a little overboard
Link Posted: 11/27/2003 5:15:37 PM EDT
Its not good to shoot any un-suppressed 22lr
rifle or pistol

shooting out of a stock Ruger 10/22
CCI mini mags 143.3 dBs (1216.2 fps)
Rem Gold      141.3 dBs
Rem Target    139 dBs

A suppressed LRM VIDAR ruger 10/22
CCI min mags  109.6 dBs (1141fps)
Rem Gold      109.5 dBs
Rem Target    108.9 dBs

shooting out of Walther P22 with out suppressor
CCI mini mag  157.9 dBs
Rem Gold      157.7 dBs
Rem Target    157 dBs

I had Matt Smith writer from SAR do the dB testing
Link Posted: 11/28/2003 6:40:04 AM EDT
ANymore, I always wear plugs and muffs when shooting, mowing the lawn or using power tools.  I have had a constant ringing in both of my ears since I was 19 and I don't want it to get any worse.

Link Posted: 11/28/2003 8:19:05 AM EDT
I dont when Im just out looking for squirrels or plinking, but I wear ear plugs when shooting through sono-tubes, under canopys, or shooting pistols
Link Posted: 11/28/2003 7:06:32 PM EDT
Due to the high pitch of .22 reports, they can cause as much, if not more damage to your ears than larger calibers. The higher frequencies can really play with your hearing in the long run. I wear hearing all the time. Never been hunting yet (that wil change here in one month), so I'm not sure about that.
Link Posted: 12/6/2003 10:24:43 PM EDT
Not always, and it doesnt affect my hearing any.

But then again I never heard well to beigin with...and like music LOUD!!!

Link Posted: 12/16/2003 4:59:39 AM EDT
FYI - found a sale on Pro-Ears electronic muffs at MidwayUSA - search for "Predator 300".

I have a set and highly recommend them.
Link Posted: 12/16/2003 10:04:16 AM EDT
Always, always, always.

And yes it does effect your hearing.

Link Posted: 12/16/2003 12:58:59 PM EDT
i dont wear hearing protection for powertools or for most .22's (except out of the p22) yet my hearing is fine. i dont get the ringing in the ears and i can hear the electricity in the walls (seriously) but i have a problem hearing soft spoken people. but then thats always been a problem. if your gonna talk then talk, dont mumble.
Link Posted: 12/18/2003 8:43:48 AM EDT
I work in industrial safety,  believe me, .22's can be damaging.  Hearing loss is untreatable, but it is preventable.

YOu lose the high frequencies first, so if you like your guns and your music loud,  just hope you like the way it sounds coming from the car next to you, because that is what your car stereo is going to sound like to you eventually.  
Link Posted: 12/23/2003 8:30:15 PM EDT

Originally Posted By sgtar15:
Not always, and it doesnt affect my hearing any.

Get back to us in 10 years when you've got a set of hearing aids.
Any gun shot is damaging. But then again, if I'm hunting and I'm only gonna shoot 1 or 2 shots, I'm probably not going to use earplugs unless I'm stationary. I just don't like the idea of walking through the forest deaf(with earplugs in).
Link Posted: 1/1/2004 6:36:16 PM EDT
What no one has mentioned is that .22 long rifles are super sonic, and it's the sonic crack that's so loud, if you're under a canopy, the sonic crack will be redirected towards the shooter. If you're using subsonic ammunition, there isn't much noise regardless what you're shooting or where you're standing.
P.S. if you use subsonic ammo in a suppressed 10/22, all you hear is the sound of the bolt cycling :D.
Link Posted: 1/2/2004 5:37:40 PM EDT
Personally, if it's more than an air rifle, I wear protection.  I've cracked off a few rounds from a .22, some 9mm, .45, and 12 ga without, but only when necessary.  Otherwise, I'm gonna try to protect what I have left (I used to be one of those thumping asses in the Blazer next to you, now I'm just an ass).  YMMV.
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