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Posted: 8/14/2002 2:50:28 PM EDT
Where can I find G36 parts for the SL8-1.

Parts wanted:

SL8/G36 Forward grip
" Double sight w/optical & reddot
" Stock and pistol grip kit
" Mag well kit(convert to AR15 mags)
Link Posted: 8/14/2002 4:17:10 PM EDT
I would check the forums at hkpro.com. They know more than anyone about HK firearms, and the SL8-1 makeover.
Link Posted: 8/14/2002 8:43:24 PM EDT
I think the only option now is to have Special Weapons do it.
Link Posted: 8/14/2002 8:54:19 PM EDT
Knights Manufacturing (http://www.knightsarmament.com) has some stuff you are looking for. They have a forward pistol grip, a RAS, and an Aimpoint mount all for the SL-8. I know they dont list them online, but email them and ask for a print catalog. Its on the back page of the catalog.
Link Posted: 8/14/2002 8:55:22 PM EDT
Fore grip and sight, probably any HK dealer, I know these guys have them: www.50bmgstore.com

Mag kit: Federal Arms www.gunsnstuff.net , probably others too.

Stock kit: Special Weapons is working on one. Don't know the url. Real G36 stocks and grips will not fit, in case you didn't know that.
Link Posted: 8/15/2002 11:20:12 AM EDT
I was reading SHOTGUN NEWS and found the SL8 to G36 stock.
Link Posted: 8/15/2002 1:10:57 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/15/2002 1:17:06 PM EDT by SMGLee]

Originally Posted By UrbanMarine:
Where can I find G36 parts for the SL8-1.
Parts wanted:
SL8/G36 Forward grip

You can call Cal's sporting armory to find the forearm. KAC also makes a RAS forearm for the G36/SL8. if you don't want to spend the cash, you can always dye your own forearm, and cut the vents on them, i did that, but end up buyiing a set of KAS RAS.

"Double sight w/optical & reddot"

This can be found on line at HKpro, you might be able to find a used one someone wants to sell cheap. or contact Chad at Cals, he will set you up and give you a great price. Hk also makes a shrt picatinny rail, this is what i use to mount my Aimpoint.

By using SW stock, which SW made to be able to fold if the AW sunsets, the stock end up to be a little longer then expected. so if you use the HK 3.5 and red dot combo handle, the eye relief will be off enough that you will have a hard time using it. if you want to go the stock option, the get the short rail or cut your existing rail to make a short rail out of it.

"Stock and pistol grip kit

Special weapons is making the stock conversion kit, but you can't mount it on your gun unless you use the SW mag conversion kit. This has to do with the parts count. SW stock is scheduled(again)for delivery this friday, and if you do order now, yours could be deliver in about three weeks.

"Mag well kit(convert to AR15 mags)

Get this from SW also, you can buy it along with your stock. send SW the gun and have them cut your mag well for 50 dollars, and dye the gun black for 100 dollars and SW can send the gun to Larry at Area51 guns to turn the match barrel down to the G36 profile, cut it to 16 inch as the same spec as the G36CQB at your request. the possibility on the barrel is only your imagination. that will run you about 200. add the parts kit, you will have a G36 clone, as close as anyone can do it.

Hope this helps.

I did the dye and mag well cut myself. save me some cash and it was very easy.

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