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Posted: 8/27/2005 12:24:46 PM EDT
Ok, I hit the Indy 1500 today. I was hoping to find a K31 bayonet on the cheap, maybe someone wouldn't know it's value. So, I started perusing down the first aisle. Holsters, Airsoft, junk, junk, AR15 with a monstrous bayonet on it, junk, wait huh? Take a closer look. OMG, it's a Swiss sawback bayonet!!! But...it's on an AR15...wtf??? The guy comes over and I ask, still unsure, isn't that a Swiss? He said "yeah, looks awesome on there doesn't it?!" I made some comments along the lines of those things are hard to come by and you shouldn't butcher it that way. He made further comments about how cool it looks. He admitted to somehow modifying it to make it fit the AR. Basically I ragged on him until he realized I wasn't impressed and he walked off. WTF was this turd burglar thinking? He did it just for the hell of it. He did it just to put a bigass bayonet on an AR.... I'm still bewildered by it.
Link Posted: 8/27/2005 1:16:55 PM EDT
Link Posted: 8/27/2005 5:34:33 PM EDT
I think he made a puppy die.
Link Posted: 8/27/2005 5:35:56 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/27/2005 5:36:25 PM EDT by AROKIE]
did it look cool? come to think of it I am going to do that with mine.

just kidding dont even own a swiss bayo
Link Posted: 8/27/2005 5:38:31 PM EDT
If he didn't screw it up that much, and it still fit a K31, I would have offered him 20 bucks for it. Sounds like he butchered it though.
Link Posted: 8/27/2005 6:10:41 PM EDT
Oh, he wasn't looking to sell. He was proud of himself. You know how gun show dealers have display stuff, just to show off? That's what this was.
Link Posted: 8/28/2005 6:58:37 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/28/2005 7:00:57 PM EDT by RABID]
Kinda like how I found one of my friends gota MINT K-98K from and old veteran in town. By the time I saw it, he hacked the stock, refinished it, filled the sling notch with ill-matching colored putty, sanded off ALL the waffenants, and threw out ALL the barrel bands, bayonet lug, sling, etc. I could have STRANGLED him. He said he wanted a bolt action hunting rifle, not a military one. I told him he should have BOUGHT what he wanted, because he'll have spent more $$ on this than buying what he wanted outright, and still not quite have what he was after in the end, and if he bought a savage or whatnot, he wouldn't have MURDERED a historically significant and rare (especially since it was a battlefield pickup) rifle! GRRRR....... I have never found a bringback K98 in my town (and it's full of vets although they are growing fewer And my buddy (I love him to death but JEEZ!!!!) Gets one and BUBBAIZES IT!!!!!!

Sorry, had to vent.

B.T.W., Sorry about the swiss Bayo, but this story I witnessed is the MOTHER OF ALL! atrocities
Link Posted: 8/30/2005 3:58:32 AM EDT
Actually how much was the butchered bayonet? The standard USGI bayonets won't work with my 24" H-Bar due to the extra length of the barrel
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