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Posted: 3/27/2009 5:35:10 PM EDT
Hey guys I'm reposting this over from GD....

I'm graduating from this shithole of a college I go to in a few weeks. HORRAY for not having to ever smell another fucking hippy who hasn't bathed in a week next to me in class!!!!. I'm trying to decide what to get myself to celebrate my accomplishment of not going completely fucking insane here and getting a degree while I'm at it. I'll also be shipping off to Ft. Benning a month and a half later where I'll call home till December. LOL to bad I won't get that check from the Army till I finish my training.....sometime 2 years from now hopefully....only got $10,000 but hey it's better than nothing.

Have it at, I'm all ears for suggestions. Guns and gun related stuff, booze, vacation, 2 hookers and an 8 ball .....If nothing else some of the crazy shit that you guys here in GD are bound to come up with is going to be good for a laugh.

Trying to sort out some bullshit with my credit card company at the moment, but as soon as that's straightened out I'm getting a team membership....right now I can't even use my damn card

So anyone over here got any ideas???
Link Posted: 3/27/2009 9:04:56 PM EDT
Highly customized quality pistol?

I've been dreaming of a *perfect* 1911 Commander-length for some time now, and that may have to happen in the future when/if I find myself in your place. Get the pistol you've always dreamed of, and it'll mean something.

Or just go all-out with the hookers and blow ;)
Link Posted: 3/27/2009 9:50:16 PM EDT
Magazines, AR lower, magazines, pistol (Glock 22 RTF maybe...lots of .40 Glocks in OIF right now), ammo, magazines, good .22 pistol (You are going to be the next grand master in the AMTU, right? ) and more magazines. This really applies if you are going active duty, reserves/NG this is not much of a concern: You are going to have to probably register and store your stuff if you on a CONUS duty station (and forget about taking you toys over seas on duty posts). Once you are done with all of your initial training, and you decide to build your own armory, rent a small secure storage locker off base and store your own gear there and invest in a premium lock. I do not feel that the provost marshal and your unit/HQ has any business knowing and controlling access to your own gear. Discreet is the key word, no one else, including buddies should know. Army brass went apeshit over this stuff about 12 years ago when a soldier from the 101st went batshit and started plinking at a PT formation with his AR-15 SP1.

Did I mention you should buy magazines?

Buy good stuff, even if you have to save for it. Don't buy gun crap on impulse.

Oh...and get a vasectomy. NOW!!! It can be reversed later on, if you decide to settle down. Have fun with all of the soldier groupies, without fear of one latching her hooks into you for the next 18 years. IT HAPPENS TO SOLDIERS A WHOLE DAMN LOT! And, you will never see it coming, and I am not talking about some nice mamasan or German girl either. American girls out in the middle of BFE too. A major installation will have a pool of available women with high odometer readings. Young, inexperienced, naive soldiers are sucked into this trap everyday. I have seen it happen to friends, subordinates, officers and enlisted. You will be off your feet for 24-48 hours-BFD. Beer and frozen bags of corn will be your friend. Now is the time to concentrate on yourself and be a little selfish... as in-have fun without worries. Except for Korean Accelerated Black Chlamydia Type III-That can be fixed with a wire coat hanger and a rubber mallet and morphine. So invest in some protective covers for your primary weapon too, in addition to getting "clipped".

Don't forget to buy magazines.

Remember this too, it should have been annexed on to the Ranger Creed: If it is worth shooting, shoot it twice. Oh...it almost slipped my mind...buy magazines!
Link Posted: 3/28/2009 5:20:29 AM EDT
Ar and a custom 1911
Link Posted: 3/28/2009 11:56:17 AM EDT
A really, really hot call girl.
Link Posted: 3/28/2009 12:18:04 PM EDT
Originally Posted By SnaitN:
A really, really hot call girl.

+1 You won't even have time to rub one out for several weeks!
Link Posted: 3/28/2009 7:28:15 PM EDT
I've been thinking that building myself a nice custom 1911 might be the ticket....I really enjoyed building my last one. A 22LR pistol isn't a bad idea either, might do that as well...I've been eying a Ruger 22/45 for a while now

I'm ok on mags for now, yeah it's true you can never have enough mags but I've got a decent enough stash at the moment.

I'm not planning on taking any of my toys with me for a while since I'll be in training for probably 2 years, and the only way I would is if I had off base housing.
Link Posted: 3/29/2009 4:33:19 AM EDT
I bought myself a Freedom Arms .454 when I graduated boot camp but a custom 1911 would be pretty nice as well.
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