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Posted: 6/14/2009 8:09:09 PM EST
I've just got to say that I don't know how I've done without! The machine is incredible and crazy efficient/fast. Only thing that sucks is if something goes wrong, not being able to back up. Being able to take the primer crimp out without using the super swage made the machine worth every penny. Unfortunately, I only had 20 or so bullets so I couldn't really crank away. I have enough components to make 10K rounds, except the bullets are taking forever to get here. Now I guess I need to get back to trimming while I wait.

I tried to hide it from the wife, but the box was just to big. Now I've got to hide all the Dillon magazines so she doesn'tfind out the price.

Link Posted: 6/14/2009 8:34:33 PM EST
LOL, don't let her do a google either.
Link Posted: 6/14/2009 9:01:44 PM EST
I don't even bother with the swaging function on my 1050 since I reload mixed brass. I found it too inconsistant due to the wide variation in web thicknesses between manufacturers. My favorite feature is the fact it primes on the same stroke that it does everything else in. It makes a huge difference in speed when you don't have to do that extra pushing forward of the press handle to prime a case that most presses require.
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