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Posted: 3/24/2009 3:41:33 PM EST
Guys, im gonna buy an M16 in the very near future. I need some advice on what NOT TO BUY and what to look for. I know it will cost me alot, but I don't mind paying the price for something that will work properly. I looking at buying a Colt registered receiver. I was thinking about a Lightning Link or registered sears, but I would rather have a registered receiver so I can use M16 trigger groups (am I correct there)? If its an old A1 model will I have a hard time upgrading it with the latest M4 type barrels and other goodies? Thanks for any help.
Link Posted: 3/24/2009 3:55:14 PM EST
an A1 model will accept any upper/barrel combo of your choice. I opted for a Colt A1 RR, and love it, but the RDIAS has its advantages too, such as not having to worry too much about the host weapon wearing out. If you were to buy a RDIAS, you can use whichever M16 trigger group you wish in the host weapon, but you must remove them if you remove the RDIAS and swap it to another lower.

I cannot help on what to avoid, as I dont have any experience other than with factory colt A1's, but I'm sure others will chime in on what to look out for.
Link Posted: 3/24/2009 4:42:22 PM EST
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My Lightning Link host is equiped with a M16 burst fire control (trigger) group.. The M16 FCG is modified to provide select fire functionality, it would be full auto only without it. And when I remove the Lightning Link from the lower it becomes semi-auto only so is not illegal to keep the FCG in the lower.
Link Posted: 3/24/2009 4:44:44 PM EST
Thanks for the info! Stupid "Q"...what does RDIAS stand for? Thanks.
Link Posted: 3/24/2009 5:07:00 PM EST
Originally Posted By pointman69:
Thanks for the info! Stupid "Q"...what does RDIAS stand for? Thanks.

Link Posted: 3/24/2009 5:11:33 PM EST
Link Posted: 3/25/2009 7:50:00 AM EST
As far as which one(s) to avoid, the one that comes to mind is a conversion consisting of a Registered Receiver which is unmodified (not milled and/or drilled), using an UN-registered Drop In Auto Sear. ATF has ruled that these receivers were never properly converted and cannot be converted post May 19, 1986 AND the UN-registered Drop In Auto Sear is simply an unregistered machinegun. This is apparently not a legal combination of parts, regardless of the registration "paper".
Link Posted: 3/25/2009 2:26:41 PM EST
Thanks for all of the post guys! I thought if it is a registered receiver you can just use an M16 fire control group? I don't really know what to look for (milled or drilled)on one these receivers your talking about. I was under the impression that a registered receiver was ready to go? Sorry if i'm not understanding what your talking about. But i'm very eager to learn!! Thanks.
Link Posted: 3/25/2009 6:24:06 PM EST
Link Posted: 3/26/2009 2:16:51 PM EST
bigbore, Are you coming to Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot next week? If so, I wouldn't mind taking a closer look at your M16 lower. I'll be there on Friday. Don't make a special trip if your not, because I still havn't made up my mind on what i'm going to get. Thanks
Link Posted: 3/26/2009 2:37:29 PM EST
I'm sure someone (tony_k) will correct me if I'm wrong but the only "factory M16 registered receivers" in the registry are Colts. If you see another manufacturer than that means it was a semi-auto receiver that was converted and registered with the NFA prior to May 19, 1986. Also not all Colts are factory machine guns either. I know there are plenty of SP1 conversions out there as well.

With that being said, I prefer to stick with factory machine guns, so I own a Colt M16A1 and not a conversion. The conversion guns are cheaper than the factory machine guns though.

The reason I stick with the factory guns is simply because if the host weapon breaks at all, you lose your machine gun, unlike a RDIAS that you can move around. So I stay away from drilled and milled. Oh and I also use KNS non-rotating anti-walk FCG pins to help keep wear on the receiver down as much as possible.

As I understand it, if you go with a conversion stay away from the re-welds if you can.

Link Posted: 3/26/2009 2:47:22 PM EST
Predator, Thank you, thank you!! Now thats some goo info! I was going to stick w/a factory Colt lower. But what RDIAS would you reccomend? I use KNS pins on all of my AR's.
Link Posted: 3/26/2009 2:58:43 PM EST
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Originally Posted By pointman69:
Predator, Thank you, thank you!! Now thats some goo info! I was going to stick w/a factory Colt lower. But what RDIAS would you reccomend? I use KNS pins on all of my AR's.

I believe the good RDIAS' out there are the steel ones, but I'm not a RDIAS expert. Also you have to "time" the RDIAS to work with your AR15 lower and upper receivers. I'm not sure what the process is for this because again, I'm not a RDIAS expert.

Also when you get a registered receiver, it's just like getting any other AR15 lower receiver with the exception that it is an M16. So there is nothing you need to do to it other than put M16 parts in it. By the way I have never seen a M16 receiver, be it a conversion or factory gun, not come with all of the fire control parts already in it when you buy it, so you shouldn't "have to" buy anything extra.

Also you can put a brand new stock, upper assembly, fire control parts, whatever in/on it. So below is a picture of mine which is just a factory Colt M16A1 lower receiver with all new components on it like Colt M4 Commando upper assembly, stock, grip, etc.


Link Posted: 3/26/2009 3:28:44 PM EST
Link Posted: 3/26/2009 3:44:26 PM EST
tony_k, thank you very much for your info!! I'm obviously out of my league here! But, this how you learn. All things so far in my opinion, still lead me back to the factory Colt. It will cost me more, but I guess the old saying is true "you get what you pay for"!
Link Posted: 3/26/2009 4:35:50 PM EST
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Link Posted: 3/26/2009 6:53:34 PM EST
Originally Posted By tony_k:
Keep reading posts here, asking questions, and when the opportunity that feels right arrives, dive in. t's sorta like getting married, except the odds of long-term happiness are much higher when buying any machine gun.

except all them chau-chauts!
Link Posted: 3/27/2009 8:18:53 AM EST
Originally Posted By ds762:
except all them chau-chauts!

Even those are fun, but more like a malfunctioning quirky old british sports car fun.

Link Posted: 3/27/2009 1:10:06 PM EST
Thanks again guys! I'll keep you posted on what I do. Will also provide pics at a later date.......depending on how slow the ATF is. My last Sbr took about 3 1/2 months. I know their slower than that now.
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