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Posted: 8/22/2004 9:27:49 AM EDT
I posted this under another thread, but it seems like 922r is getting addressed in a lot of threads and people seem to be misunderstanding it....

In the context of this Shotgun board, people seem to be up in arms about not being able to add a working telestock to their Benelli M4/M1014 after the AWB expires and I have certainly been to bearer of bad news on some of these posts, but I thought more people understood the issue to see the way around it.

To clear up a misunderstanding, there is a way around 922r...

If you take your M1014 and ATF Form 1 it into a Short Barrelled Shotgun, it becomes an NFA firearm and 922r no longer applies. SBSs have to be legal where you live and you will need to get a police signoff on the Form 1, which is not easy to do. You also have to pay a $200 Making Tax on the Form 1, but it will free you up to do whatever you like to the M1014 including shortening your barrel below 18". This also applies to any other imported firearm. NFA firearms, by definition of law, are non-sporting, so creating a Short-Barrelled Rifle or Shotgun or AOW or adding a registered full-auto conversion device to a Title I firearm alleviates the burden of 922r. Creating an NFA shotgun will activate a entirely different set of regulations regarding sale, transportation, storage, etc, but it does help you around the 922r hassle. Creating an NFA firearm however does not alleviate the provisions of the AWB as a Benelli M4/M1014 is still a semi-automatic shotgun, you cannot add a working telestock under any circumstances until the AWB does in fact expire.

I hope this brighten at least someone's day a little.
Link Posted: 8/22/2004 9:46:43 AM EDT
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