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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 1/13/2006 5:39:38 PM EDT
I am presenting my current SWAT/Recon gear for review. Lately, our team has begun creating a Recon Team that is used prior to warrants or obtain intel during callouts. We also have been trying to focus more on rural-type issues for suspect searches in wooded areas such as a neighboring county had when they looked for Chai Vang, a suspect in the shooting deaths of six hunters during one of our deer seasons. The following are the items I have been working with lately. Some of my stuff is still being improved on as funds slowly allow.

I start out by using the standard nylon belt with the UM21 holster, compass pouch, Kabar, utility pouch, and rifle ammunition pouches. I removed the pistol magazine pouch as the Strong brand one I have seems like it pops open too easy during low crawls, and I haven’t been able to replace it yet. The UM21 isn’t the greatest of holsters, but it is set up so that I can dump my duty belt and put on something lighter for woods work. If I have much advance notice, I can quickly remove the UM21 in favor of the Eagle thigh holster in a bag in the trunk yet. I sometimes like having the flap of the UM21 as it protects my sidearm from junk and is more out of the way than what seems to happen when I crawl with it on my leg.

The vest is a Arktis 1601 Jungle Vest. This is the only vest I have been able to work with quietly short of creating a modular one with tons of new pouches. The buckles on all the pouches secure everything, and I silenced the Velcro. It gives me utility pouches on the sides that I haven’t been able to get in rifle vests from other brands, and gives me a balance of other magazine pouches to carry the mags and other tools I use. The zippered map pouch is also something I use a lot, and I haven’t figured out why other companies continue to use Velcro for their map pouches.

We recently were issued Armalite ISP Carbines. I haven’t figured out what is so special about the Illinois State Police Model and how it differs from a standard M4 16 inch carbine yet though. I took the removable handle off and threw it in the patrol bag. I replaced it with a DRMO Aimpoint a co-worker found at DRMO, and I installed a LMT rear sight. I prefer this type of rear as I like to have the sight up and ready to go in case I don’t have time to turn the dot on. The LMT is easily removed so I can install my PVS14 behind the Aimpoint. So far, I am the only one at my agency that could shoot at night like this and be able to see a sight. The LMT so far has returned to zero very nicely when I put it back on. One thing I am disappointed about is the Armalite emblem has wore off the mag well already.

I also have the Ebrlestock GS05 Gunslinger. Inside this currently is a Stag lower, Double Star bull barreled upper AR15. I used to carry most of my recon stuff in my Becker Patrol pack. I transferred my stuff to this pack and still have room to spare. It is padded much nicer on my back that the Becker, and carries a rifle to boot! The pouches are larger, and are not as compartmentalized, but there is plenty of MOLLE webbing on the outside should I want to add pouches for this.

The GS05 is primarily a top loader like the Beckers. However, there is a side zip on the right side that allows me to get at equipment on the bottom. My rain gear is at the top of mine, but the zip allows me to get at an MRE, poncho for shelter or to lay on, or dry socks and such at the bottom of my pack. So far all of the pouches are very accessible. There are internal pouches for two 3L bladders. So far the only thing I don’t like that the Becker did well for me is that I can’t lie prone and use the pack as a rest as well. I am still experimenting with this though.

The shoulder straps and waist strap are extremely comfortable. The padding for the lumbar area of my back is about 1 ½ inches of padding it seems like. Some users have reported that there is not enough adjustment for taller guys, but I guess the company sells strap setups with an extra six inches of length. I am 6’1” and it was well adjusted for me out of the box. The waist belt is removeable and can store in a slot in the bottom of the pack. Visible also is the bottom part of the scabbard the gun rests in. This can be folded in the same slot when not in use or when very short items are carried.

This is a view of the top of the scabbard. I have my M4 collapsed and inserted. The buckle is one that is used to secure the weapon or if the hood is used, secure the hood to the pack. There is also a drag handle. Some have said it’s not big enough, but it suits my needs so far. If it was larger it would make it easier to find however.

This is a side view with a 20-inch bull barreled AR15, scope and 20 round magazine. You can see that not much of the butt sticks out. I could carry this without the hood if needed, and company literature says that the gun can be withdrawn from the pack without taking the pack off. I agree this is probable, but it’s not easy with a long, heavier gun for me. I’ll take the pack off when I get to where I’m going.

This view is from the opposite side and I attached the hood. The hood will cover pretty much any thing I stick in. I have a Tikka Master Sporter that it also covers nicely. The hood has more nylon folded up that can come down to cover those weapons that have more considerable length. I showed this to my local game warden, and his opinion was that it would qualify as a legal carrying case. There are two compression straps that run horizontal that can secure more gear, and there is one vertical one that secure the top flap down. I have my snow poncho camo under that strap.

This is how it fits in the trunk. I need an SUV. Due to our budget cuts, the best I’m told I can get is a trailer.

Last, these are the weapons I have the gear to support and why the trunk is so darn full.

Hope this was informative for anyone else looking for ideas. I know much of the information I got on what I wanted to use and how to carry it was from looking at other equipment posted on this board.
Link Posted: 1/14/2006 10:37:46 AM EDT
Wow, great essay!

Seriously though, thanks for the info and great pics of the GS05.
Link Posted: 1/14/2006 7:26:46 PM EDT
Thanks for the info. I just saw one of the Gunslingers at the range the other day. I was doing research on it when I saw this. The pics where helpful

Link Posted: 1/14/2006 8:04:02 PM EDT
mine will be here Tuesday
Link Posted: 1/14/2006 10:20:26 PM EDT
saw it on lightfighter nice setup.
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