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Posted: 8/12/2007 4:18:43 AM EDT
I would like to know what there is to know about ENVIS night vision. So far I have read that they are blemmed aviation tubes. I have heard that they are comparable with the PVS-14 when it come to quality and compatible with many PVS-14 accessories. Any information first hand or otherwise would be appriciated.
Link Posted: 8/13/2007 10:05:19 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/13/2007 10:08:09 AM EDT by terry1]
I have a Am III which is the same thing just the commerical non military unit.I beleive they don't sell the Am III anymore so any new ones would be ENVIS. I have had it for about 4 years it is a great veiwer but is no as nice as a PVS-14. First the ENVIS housing is a plastic and it shows wear very fast after using the mono in the field. Mine is looking so used I think the houseing may wear out in another year or two and I will need to pull the tube and place it into another housing. The rubber buttons are also wearing down. I figure I have put 300-500 Hrs of use on the unit since I also 3 other monos I use to which means I don't always use the Am III when I go out in the dark. Second would be the fact you can't mount the unit on a gun or headgear. yes I know people do this I have seen the pics using PVS-14 headgear and rifle mount,but it does not work no where near as well as a REAL PVS-14 as I have tried it myself in the head PVS-14 gear. The ENVIS is just to heavy mounted in the head gear to wear more than a few minutes at a time. On to the weapon mount I would not trust the ENVIS to take alot of recoil it is a soft plastic housing and I already had to replace a broken battery cap just form normal wear much less rifle recoil. The tubes do have some blems not a big deal from me as most have good performace just some spots,lines and even some clear looking blems which you will only see in bright conditions. Overall I think they aren't to bad for just veiwing in the dark I love the fact the use C-mount lens along with Mil lens as a C-mount 50-75mm can be had cheap on ebay and work well. The push buttom on/off is great for one handed use also. Another fact about the ENVIS is alot of HOT Military ones end up on ebay and forums that were lifted from military bases and it is never good to the FBI after you even if you can prove you bought it the may still charge you with something and take it away leaveing you out the $$$ you paid for it. I think alot of guys are figureing out the FBI does watch these forums and ebay and sooner or later guys selling these Hot items do get caught and then the paper trail leads them to your door. I think I read about a year back someone took a whole case of ENVIS mono's from a military base and they were looking on ebay and forums for them to show up for sell.
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