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Posted: 5/2/2009 3:42:27 AM EDT
So here are the new additions, finally they have cleared customs and found their way home. These have taken from December 2007 till now to find their way through all the paper work out of the USA to NZ half a world away. That’s right almost two and a half years from when we started with the first discussions of the first rifle till now. Had it not been for all the effort put in by a friend in the US then it would never had happened. The thing is that it is not hard to import into NZ if you play the game by the few rules… but to get them out of the US? Well what a process, and all just made a lot harder than it should ever be. With the regulations on firearms being far more extreme here than in the US you would think the problem would be this end but in fact it was by far the opposite as were the costs of doing so.

But never mind they made it and will join their brothers and sisters if only I can find some more space. With only about 170 Czechs and so many more different models to get I’m going to run out of room before I get a decent collection together.

So here they are and I guess there will need to be a little research done as to the story behind each of them.

Top to bottom: 550 x 30-06 special 70th anniversary model similar to the next one down except that the second one is the 70th anniversary model 452 in 22LR. (This 452 was a must to sit beside my 452 50th edition in the gun room. You all know how it is, ya just gotta…well don’t you?)

Here’s my existing 50th edition anni to show that they are nearly the same.

Third one is a special model one/two that needs a lot of explaining. CZ stock model one action with model two sights etc a little mystery to say the least. The forth is my first model three.

Fifth and sixth are easy for you to guess, you’ve got it, both Americans one in 17MK2 and the other in 17 HMR. Why? Just cause I didn’t have these models in MK2 and HMR.

Of course the seventh is the 468 because I only have one of these and they are uncommon here in NZ plus my current one has an altered bolt knob. The eighth is a Mansoura. Man are these things rough, by far the worst thing I’ve seen that looks anything like a Brno. Even the Norinco are better finished.

Now the CZ 75’s. the one in black is a Kadet which is off to the range tomorrow, a good option for practise as I use a 75 9mm for IPSC range shooting. And the last is another special, the CZ 75 30th edition.

Now back to the top. The story goes that this 550 is the only one that managed to escape from Europe. While I can not confirm this I do have it on good authority that it is true. The trigger is pretty darn nice but then it should be as it has the single set similar to the 453. But what do you think of the stock work? Not too bad and it’s not as ugly as the 452 anniversary models either.  The down side is that the stock still does not feel as good to shoot with as the old time Brno’s not that I ever plan on using it.

I bet you all noticed that the bolt knob was wooden as well.

And of course the 452 70th

Sooo… where does this put me? A small collection of Czechs has been started with over 40 different rimfires, over a dozen different Brno shotguns and combination rifles, 30 odd Czech handguns several sub machine guns and a couple of light machine guns and to finish things off several dozens of Czech centre fires most of which are Brno.

Now to look for something different any ideas?

Link Posted: 5/2/2009 4:07:26 AM EDT
Originally Posted By dancz:

Now to look for something different any ideas?

A woman? maybe to keep them dusted......
Link Posted: 5/2/2009 6:17:39 AM EDT
nice collection....... very impressive.......
Link Posted: 5/2/2009 8:02:13 AM EDT
Originally Posted By yzryl556:
nice collection....... very impressive.......


You have some beautiful CZs there, I especially like the 550. It is always good to see others from around the world who also enjoy this hobby.
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