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Posted: 7/20/2008 6:52:48 PM EDT
I'm going to buy a single stage press for loading .308 for long range precision shooting. I've narrowed my choice of presses down to the co-ax or t7. This press will be used specifically for small amounts of precision ammo in only .308 now, possibly one or two more rifle calibers later on. I have access to a couple progressives over at my buddy's house for larger amounts of ammo so that's not a factor in this purchase. Which press best fits my situation?
Link Posted: 7/20/2008 11:18:31 PM EDT
That'd be a hard decision! Both presses are quality tools. While I'm not a competition long range shooter, I do have a Co-Ax press and like the press. IF you go with the competition in-line seating dies,competition shellholders, possibly bushing sizing dies, or die sets specifically made for precision reloading, either press will do a fine job. If you just use standard die sets then the Co-Ax would be my choice. I've found the Co-Ax to easily and consistantly load rounds with less bullet run-out than regular presses that dies thread into and get locked down. Evidently the floating dies and spring loaded automatic shellholders naturally allow things to stay in line. Redding makes fine equipment and the T-7 with extra toolheads would be a plus. The Redding is probably the stronger of the two. Co-Ax has a possitive stop for seating primers to the same depth, however I still prefer the RCBS Auto-Prime bench tool. Again, if you're going all the way with custom competition dies you may prefer the T-7 but if you only want to use standard dies then Co-Ax. If you do decide on the Co-Ax get the extra pack of ten die lock rings. Some die lock rings won't fit. However, I still wouldn't be without my RCBS press sitting beside my Co-Ax. I prefer to use it for some chores. For the best of all worlds, and since money isn't an option, get both! Wouldn't that look fine, RED sitting alongside GREEN. My 2 cents.
Link Posted: 7/21/2008 3:53:11 AM EDT
To be fair, I have never used a Redding so I cannot compare it, however…

I can't say enough good about the Co-Ax!!! Mine is Brown, from the 80's

It can't be used with collet bullet pullers (well not practically) but everything else is a go.
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