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Posted: 2/11/2002 10:57:42 PM EDT
Just got back two form 4's back on Friday. Seems that when they were stamped with the number at the top by the ATF they were "off" by 1 in the 100's digit on each form.

So somebody at the ATF got white out and changed the "6" to a "7" and all is well. They just look like they have been forged by a dumb amateur.

I have to go and get fingerprinted, LEO signoff, background check, pay $ 200.00 and wait 4 months for a Form 4 that has ATF white out on it?

Since they keep track of ownership by seral number, a "quick call to the ATF" (I gotta see that) from the officer checking my paperwork and I should be back on my way home in no time. Unless it is when the division is closed, or the lines are busy, or so and so is on vacation.
Link Posted: 2/12/2002 2:43:58 AM EDT
Just make some copies and forget about it. Most cops don't know what they are looking at when they see a form 4 anyways, so I doubt it would really make any difference. I don't even know what the number stamped on the top is for anyways, I always assumed it is for BATF filing purposes. As long on the stamp is cancelled with the correct serial number you shouldn't have any problems.

Link Posted: 2/12/2002 6:06:39 AM EDT
Ponyboy....P L E A S E ......shut the **** up!........(just kiddin`).........
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