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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 12/15/2001 2:32:55 PM EST
I need some advice. I just purchased a Poly Tech
side folder and want to get some more mags for it. I would like to purchase a bunch for 10.00 apiece or less but I don't know if these are quality mags (East German, Romainian, Hungarian etc.) What's the best mag in this price range? Should I spend more? Are there any I should stay away from? Where is the best place to buy?
Thanks in advance.
Link Posted: 12/15/2001 2:39:31 PM EST
An AK mag is an AK mag, as long as it has a rib along the back of the mag, and is a true military surplus mag (most all of them are). They all function as well as the others.

New Bulgarians have a very nice park finish. Chinese and Hungarians have a smoother, blued finish. East German vary. All work.

Best deal on AK47 mags is: www.gunsnammo.com/

They have clean used surplus AK mags for $6.99 each, or 10 for $60. At $6 per mag in lots of 10, you cannot beat that.

Aimsurplus.com has used Hungarians for $7. CDNN investments has em for $8. All good shops.
Link Posted: 12/15/2001 3:17:09 PM EST
What FALARAK said. The Chinese ones will work also but the market is flooded with the Eastern European mags at the moment. I think they are better myself anyway. I still remember when one could pick up Chinese 30rd mags NIW for $2 a piece.
Link Posted: 12/15/2001 3:29:18 PM EST
Hey Fal, funny you mention www.gunsnammo.com. I was at there store today picking up ammo (I only live 20 minutes away). I saw some of the AK mags they had, and they looked pretty good. I may pick up some next week. They also had 7.62x39 from Somalia store price was like 139 for a wooden crate of like 1260 rounds (15 rounds in small boxes) I forget the exact number I bought it and went to the range with it. Shoot very nicely/cleanly. No weird smell. They were out of Wolf FMJ and only had SP at like 109 for the thousand. (Like their ad says, prices are higher in store).

Anyways I've never heard of this type and was wondering of you've ever ran across any. I'm on my way to the AK side to ask when I saw this post (BTW Cumberland, sorry for butting into the post with this question, but if you do order from them you may want to ask about this ammo)
Link Posted: 12/15/2001 3:59:18 PM EST
You can get any of the various European mags in the price range you specified-I would stick to them. There is nothing wrong with the Chicoms, but since they were banned from import, most sellers believe they should have a premium attached.
Link Posted: 12/15/2001 4:10:30 PM EST
Hey Vinnie, you might want to check that ammo out. It might be corrosive.
Link Posted: 12/15/2001 4:13:26 PM EST
Thats the great thing about AK's....they feed anything and have no preference for magazines. Like the others said, AK's will function with any military mag regardless of origin. The Russian pattern mags (e.german, bulgarian, hungarian etc.) will have a ridge or lip running down the rear vertical seam. Chinese mags do not have this lip and are just as good. Even the used beater East German mags on the market work perfectly even they look like hell.

Enjoy the AK! I own 2 prebans. The Steyer Maadi I own has fired thousands upon thousands of rounds and has never EVER suffered anything resembling a jam or malfunction. These rifles are "bullet-proof".
Link Posted: 12/15/2001 4:21:37 PM EST
Thanks VA. How can you tell?
Link Posted: 12/15/2001 4:33:01 PM EST
Don't forget the chief! Looks like he's out of the steel 30 rounders (he had them at like $6/each new), but still has the 40 rounders and bulgarian waffles.



2. Steel RPK- 47 40 rd. 7.62 1-9 $9.95 10 or more $9.50

3. Poly AK- 47 waffle 7.62 1-9 $9.95 10 or more $9.50

4. Poly smooth side AK- 74 5.45 1-9 $8.95 10 or more $8.50

5. Poly AK- 74A1M1 (sar 3)(will work in valmet with very minor mod.) waffle 5.56 1-9 $13.95 10 or more $130.00

6. Krink kit, 5,45 w/front and rear trinion, 4 - 5.45 mags, 1 heavy padded mag pouch, 1 heavy krink pouch, 1 sling, 1 oil bottle, 4 strippers, 1 charger, 1 cleaning rod, 1 cleaning kit, $ 259.95

7. PK/PKM/maxim, sg/sgm/ etc. linking machine #'ed in wooden chest also serial #'ed, w.screw clamp etc. really really really nice, $349.95

8. Heavy padded mag pouch 4.99

9. AK/RPK sling 3.99

10. Cleaning kit 7.62/5.45/5.56 2.99

11. Oil bottle .99

12. .50 caliber AP (black tip) Twin Cities manufactured, 1944-45 dates. 60 rds. linked, in waxed cardboard carton, 4 60 rd. boxes toa wooden crate. 60 rd. linked box $79.95 or 1 case-240 rds for $310.00.

13. PK heavy fluted barrel, with sights, handle, break, etc. $300.00 ea.

14. PK Belts, 100 rd. with starter tab, $24.95 ea. 10 or more @ 22.95 ea.


15. 7.62 Colored Mags:
a. Arctic/Moutain Forces White
b. Olive drab
c. Hunter green
d. Plum
e. Yellow
f. Blue
g. Gray
$24.95 ea. or 10 or more (mix and match) $22.95 ea.

16. 5,45 WASP ammo-119.95 per 1080 rds. sealed tin, 2 tins in sealed crate 229.95 on all pre-orders, do not call for delivery times. Ammo 30 days from this post, give or take, Force Majure in effect.

17. RPK REPLACEMENT PARTS: (little vynle pouch) w/extra spring,firing pin,etc, original issue. neat... $9.95 ea. IN COUNTRY AVAILABLE ----- (specify caliber... 7.62,5.45,5.56).


1. 7.62 CLEAR experimentals- $24.95 ea. or 10 or more for $22.95 ea.

2. 5.45 CLEAR experimentals- $24.95 ea. or 10 or more $22.95 ea.

3. 5.56 CLEAR experimentals- $24.95 ea. or 10 or more $22.95 ea.


1. 5.45 Caliber 45 Rd. WAFFLE PATTERN Black colored polymer mags. PRICE - $34.95 ea. or 3 for $100.00

2. 7.62 Caliber 40 Rd. WAFFLE PATERN black colored polymer mags. PRICE- $34.95 ea. or 3 for $100.00


Type II & III experimental mags will be available in the coming future. What could they be?????? DON'T ASK!!!!!!!!!!!

Call MONDAY - FRIDAY (740) 787- 2093 10 AM - 5 PM Eastern Standard Time, MONDAY - FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!

Fax orders taken 24/7 - (740) 787- 2094- include name, address where cc bill is sent to, mailing address for the goods, phone #, cc # and ex. date.
Link Posted: 12/16/2001 1:28:16 PM EST
I have a bunch of Bulgarian steel mags that I purchased from CDNN last year. They look new and function flawlessly in both my pre-ban Norinco and my SAR-1. I also have a few 40 round Chinese mags and those work great too. Buy them now while there still cheap.

Oh, an important saftey tip... never rapid-fire a 40-round mag in your AK and then grab the barrel. Ask me how I know...

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