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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 9/13/2005 9:13:08 PM EDT
The whole reason I bought my Armalite M15A4 was the fact that carry handles are useless and I like the idea of being able to mount open sights or optics where they belong (traditionally). I've bounced back and forth between an ATN holo and iron sights depending on my mood at the time. Now that I'm carrying it at work I decided to go against the grain and use iron sights exclusively until I find a optic / iron sight combination I like enough to stake my life to. Till then I'm sticking with my iron sights cuz they ain't going to need batteries, etc, etc.

I knew that the front sight didn't center on the barrel and caused me to have to adjust for EXTREME windage in order to zero. I didn't realize how much windage I'd put on the rear sight until I was drilling myself with it to get used to the iron sights again. In doing so I realized that I'm two clicks from having no right windage left. Therein lies my question; Does anyone know of a rail mounted front sight that's offset to counter this. My NPOA has always caused my to put a little more right windage on peep sights and I don't really want to relearn to shoot to counter something like this. I know Armalite offers a clamping front sight that supposedly can be adjusted to correct this but mine mounts on the gas block rail and I don't really like the idea of a sight that you can 'spin" around the bbl anyway.

My front sight is a "tactical" carry handle. I THINK it's the A3 style as it's marked 3/6 instead of 3/8. The front sight is standard.

I've looked everywhere I know to look and haven't found anything designed to correct the problem. I don't like the idea of depending on one sight or the other, then again I don't like the idea of having sights that I can't adjust for windage in the very unlikely event I would need to.

Since this post is the reason I joined this site (after reading it for several years) I hope you guys can make it a worthwhile effort and help me out, especially since I haven't had these delimmas with my FAL. I appreciate any help folks can give me and in exchange I promise not to be so damned windy next time around!
Link Posted: 9/14/2005 3:14:13 AM EDT
Simple, you just need to re-index the barrel in the upper receiver socket to zero out the bore with the focal line of sights center (or to what you perceive center).

One method is to re-install the barrel to the needed front sight to bore line idex, with another to just drift the entire barrel in the upper socket by firmly holding onto the receiver only, and striking the front sight base just above the barrel with a leather mallet (read non-maring) to slip the entire barrel in the upper receiver socket ,via the impact torque.

As for the carry handle attachment sights being marked 3/6, this is simpley due to the fact that the sight can not be raised as high as a fixed handle sight (a-2) due to the shorter elevation screw used on the sights(read the elevation screw is shorter since it can not be lowered into the receiver area/flat top rib.

P.S. this really should have been posted in the trouble shooting or building forum, but since I'm here, what the hell.
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