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Posted: 4/1/2002 6:52:40 AM EDT
Does anyone know who currently imports the FEG line of pistole from Hungary?

And, do you have a link or contact information?

I've got a P9RK that needs to be looked at (don't have it in front of me right now)and I can't find contact info.

Link Posted: 4/1/2002 6:59:15 AM EDT
Can't say about the pistols, but if memory serves my FEG SA85M AK-47 was stamped KBI.

Link Posted: 4/1/2002 7:07:47 AM EDT
KBI is stamped on my FEG as well. There is contact info at www.charlesdaly.com

Link Posted: 4/1/2002 10:37:22 AM EDT
Well, so far I'm pretty disappointed. Contacted KBI and they didn't import this model. They don't do service or carry any parts for it either. The P9RK was imported by Century International Arms. I gave them a call, and they said if the pistol is over one year old (which it is) they won't help.

This gun is around 6 years old, but has had no more than 500 rounds put through it. The hole on the front of the slide where the recoil guide comes through has become all deformed. Now when the gun goes into recoil, the tip of the spring gets wedged between the hole in the slide and the guide and completely locks up the firearm.

In my laymans opinion I probably need to replace the whole slide (because I doubt this area can be rebuilt) to make the gun functional, but now I can't get parts even if I wanted to spend the money.

FEG does have a website, but it's all in Hungarian. Anyone have any other suggestions?
Link Posted: 4/1/2002 10:57:43 AM EDT
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Link Posted: 4/1/2002 2:09:14 PM EDT
Link Posted: 4/1/2002 2:20:54 PM EDT
Which FEG pistol did you buy? The GP 35/Hi Power clone, or the little aluminimum framed .32ACP?

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