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Posted: 11/18/2001 8:52:28 PM EDT
I am fairly new to the AR-15.com site...It is OUTSTANDING...
I get the general impression from reading most threads that the vast majority of shooting with the AR-15's seem to be done at Military and Bullseye type targets.
There is other types of AR shooting....

Has anyone here tried shooting IPSC/USPSA with AR's ?? Recently several of my shooting buddies got Bushmaster AR-15s... We are hooked....It is a BLAST...During One recent Match, while engaging several close (2yard) targets, Mike B. caught the Vision barrior wall on fire with the Blast from his AK type brake...Not once but several times..Too cool.....Fast and furious...

The United States Practical Shooting Association is mostly known for fast ass Pistol Shooting and some Shotgun shooting at humanoid type paper targets and steel knock-down pepperpoppers...It is the original "Combat" Shooting of Ray Chapman and others.

Rifles are starting to catch on BIG in USPSA with the AR-15 ruling the roost. The Rifle shooting is "run & gun", shoot and move with an average course of fire taking anywhere from 12-40 rounds at distances ranging from a couple yards to 200-300yards.

I would like to invite all AR Shooters to look up their local USPSA club and give it a try...or form your own USPSA Club...Or look at some of the USPSA courses of fires and give 'em a try.
Go to www.USPSA.org and/or www.ipsc.org to find out more information on the Fastest Shooting Sport in the USA and the World...
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