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10/20/2017 1:01:18 AM
9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 9/27/2005 5:10:03 PM EDT
I am looking at getting a .308.....
What are your opinions regarding purchasing a SOCOM 16 or a DSA FAL Carbine?
Link Posted: 9/27/2005 5:21:25 PM EDT
I dont personally own one, but I have shot a SOCOM 16, and it is a very very nice rifle. I have an M1a Super Match right now, so getting a SOCOM16 isnt next on my buy list, but I would really like to have one.
Link Posted: 9/27/2005 5:25:22 PM EDT
Either would be good but I would choose the DSA FAL!
Link Posted: 9/27/2005 5:41:41 PM EDT
The FAL only because mags are much cheaper.
Link Posted: 9/27/2005 5:52:18 PM EDT
I'd be more inclined to go with the FAL myself, because (as someone else mentioned) mags are much cheaper.
Link Posted: 9/27/2005 5:55:57 PM EDT

Originally Posted By roboman:
I'd be more inclined to go with the FAL myself, because (as someone else mentioned) mags are much cheaper.

Plus the QC is much better on DSA then SO M14 clones.
Link Posted: 9/27/2005 6:22:11 PM EDT
Humm Springfield Armory or DSA....
DSA fairly controversy free &
excellent quality.
Springfield has shitty "Customer Service"
and qusetionable QC.
FAL is a proven weapon system...


Link Posted: 9/28/2005 1:48:24 AM EDT
For me a SOCOM. But as others have posted. DSA seems to be more worry free.

Link Posted: 9/28/2005 2:38:23 AM EDT
Someone here had a nice DSA para that wouldnt function for shit. DSA might make some good stuff but everybody has a shitty piece slip through now and then. I own a FAL that now (after much tweaking and not a DSA ) runs perfectly but it just doesnt feel as good in the hand as an M14 type rifle.
Link Posted: 9/28/2005 5:06:48 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/28/2005 5:08:00 AM EDT by bullyforyou]

Love my FAL. had a SOCOM16, it was nice, i sold it and bought another FAL.

why? no pistol grip. i really have no use for "traditional" rifle stocks, and i didn't want to put up the money for one of those EBR stocks.

the other thing is, as stated above, mags. mags are so cheap and so plentiful. you can get REALLY nice ones for just a few bucks each.

lastly, there are a lot of cool do-dads starting to come out for the FAL. the side-folding lowers are starting to pop up, railed fore ends, railed top covers...

ETA: i forgot to mention i'm not a big fan of the SOCOM's muzzle brake, which you can't just take off.

Link Posted: 9/28/2005 7:08:49 AM EDT
think you should hold off till next year and pic up an FN SCAR in 308!
Link Posted: 9/28/2005 7:44:08 AM EDT
Link Posted: 9/28/2005 2:12:07 PM EDT
In my opinion the FAL is the only choice of those two.
Link Posted: 9/28/2005 2:41:40 PM EDT
An M1A is on my list for sure (Socom/bush/maybe standard- undecided), but the Para Congo followed me home first.

Tough choice, but I already voted for the DSA with my $. My first FAL and no regrets.
Link Posted: 9/28/2005 3:13:06 PM EDT
FAL. 'Nuff said.
Link Posted: 9/29/2005 9:36:10 AM EDT
I would pick the FAL over the SOCOM, but I would pick a bush/scout M1A over a FAL.
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