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Posted: 5/29/2002 4:58:26 PM EDT
For those of you in the Memphis area, I'd recommend going to this thing, if only for the opportunity to shoot some new and different guns.  I'm going to be working up there all weekend, helping out as a volunteer.

Last year we had HK, Para Ordnance, Glock, Beretta, Ruger, and Smith & Wesson in attendance.  They all brought plenty of toys, and you can rent time on them.

HK had a full-auto demonstration last year, I think there was an MP5, an MP5SD, and a G36.  Unfortunately they won't let you shoot them, but they did have a USC and an SL8 there that I tried out, as well as the Para LDA, the new plastic Berettas, and the Ruger Deerfield .44.

There was a separate area where you could try out shotguns as well.

I don't give a damn about a duck but I had fun anyway.

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