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Posted: 3/15/2002 8:25:12 PM EDT
I'll have to be honest, I have always hated the fact that so many gun parts and accessories are being made out of plastics, polymers, and synthetics. But now I'm really starting to change my mind.

I thought Glocks were a stupid idea when they first came out. I mean really, how long would a plastic gun last? But I've had 2 glocks since then and I love them.

I also thought what idiot would build a magazine out of polymer? That would never be as good as steel. But I bought 4 Bulgarian polymer waffle mags from K-VAR Corp and I loved them. I just received 16 more today from Mr. UPS man. They fit and function great and at $10 bucks a pop you can't beat them.

I also just bought 2 thermolds and they work great and fit just perfect. I plan on buying 8 more.

I have always loved the looks of synthetic stocks on guns because of the tactical look it gives them but I was always scared of synthetic or polymer mags and accessories. I have really changed my mind now.

What do you think about this? Do you like synthetics on guns?

By the way, if you have an AK47 I highly recommend the Bulgarian waffle mags. I had 2 mags out of 20 that wouldn't go into the magwell because it was a little tight but after I took a little off the back of the feed lips with a file they fit great. They never jammed even while I was using the bump method.
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