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6/25/2018 7:04:05 PM
Posted: 10/3/2004 7:01:05 PM EDT
Had this M1A for some time. Shot it a bit, but mostly with iron sights as they shot fine and the mounts I tried I didn’t like. Finely went and got the ARMS mount with height throw rings. Also had the 1st gen. SA government scope. Something was always off with this scope. Even with shimming it would print 4 feet low at 200M, the minimum the scope was calibrated for. After 6 years I finally figured it was time to see if SA would fix the scope as it did cost a bit. Seeing the first complaint was over 6 years ago SA told me to send in the gun, scope and mount. They would then do all the needed cleaning, tuning and fixing. Sent it in, waited 3 weeks, and got it back. Took it to the range on Sunday to see if the scope would finally shoot to point of aim. First shot as you can see was to the left. Adjustment was guesstamated at 12 clicks right. Made the adjustment and fired one more round. 3 round shot groups would consistently cloverleaf. So you tell me, did it get fixed right?

P.S. Ammo was aussi surplus 144 gr FMJ cronoed at 2870FPS. I will try my match next week at 500M. Would go further, but that’s the farthest range I can get right now.

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