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Posted: 5/31/2002 8:40:26 PM EDT
I'm looking for another AR upper, to make a tactical carbine style.  I just put an Ace, Ltd. ARFX stock on my Eagle lower, and will be heading to a show tomorrow with an eye towards a shory style upper.  

What I've got on that receiver now is an Armalite 20" HBAR flat top upper.  With a scope from a bench and with handloads, that upper is sub moa all day.  This was my first AR, so I've got no first hand experience with anything but Armalite and Eagle.  

Bushmaster has some really cool uppers, like the 14.5" ones with the AK style brakes, and the ones with the mini Y comps.  Does anyone here have experience with either of these, and what kind of accurcy can I expect with 'em?  I will have some kind of red dot sight on the new upper, most likely with backup folding sights.  

My other option is to just get an Armalite 16" upper...I've had great luck with the one I've got now, so there's a lot to be said for sticking with what works.  BTW, I have no problems if the rifle doesn't look like it's military issue, so if I get a Bushy, it'll be an A3 of some variety.  I like the flat top because of the optics versatility.  (I'm one of the folks who don't thing flat tops are ugly!)

Any help/experience from you guys would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks....
Link Posted: 5/31/2002 9:42:38 PM EDT
I've got a couple Bushmaster 14.5" uppers. My pre-ban wears a Phantom and a post an AK brake.

These little 14.5 inch guys weren't bought for benchrest shooting so I just use them on human sized targets which I've found that I can hit at long distances. If I were to guess what they'd do on paper, off sandbags, I'd say about an inch give or take.

The lenght of the barrel has very little to do with how accurate it is and more to do with the quality. Longer barrels will give you more velocity which means less time to target - less time for wind and gravity to effect the bullet and more energy to hit the target with if it's more than a piece of paper.

For the best accuracy you want a plain crown barrel - look at what benchrest shooters use and you'll not find a brake or suppressor - just big fat heat soaking barrels with recessed crowns.
Link Posted: 5/31/2002 9:48:11 PM EDT

Slightly PURPLE post ban with AK and ACOG

Pre-ban with Phantom with Comp ML
Link Posted: 5/31/2002 9:59:23 PM EDT
What model ACOG is that Paul?
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