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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 7/9/2003 12:56:37 PM EST
[Last Edit: 7/9/2003 1:21:46 PM EST by ottergt]
After deciding to make the inexpensive detachable light mount for my AR as outlined on Maryland AR15 SHooter's Site, I became inspired to try something similar for my Winchester 1300. Surefire dedicated mounts are way too expensive for a home defense shotgun, and most mounts for sale are over $20, and aren't easily detachable (at least not ones I've found seen).

Materials on hand:

* 1 Weaver 1" Quik-Detach scope ring (high
Cost = $15-20 for 2 rings (I had a coupon so they only cost me $5)
* 1 Surefire G2
Cost = about $30
* 1 Weaver #54 top mount base
Cost = $2.50-4.00

Materials Purchased:

* 2 "6-32" machine screws (as short as possible)
* 2 flat washers
* 2 lock washers
* 2 hex nuts
* 2 hose clamps to fit 9/16"-1 1/16" diameter (only 1 is needed)

Total Hardware Cost = $1.94 plus tax

Step 0 - UNLOAD THE GUN!!!

Step 1 - Mount the scope ring to the magazine tube so you can work the light with the thumb of the hand holding the the forend. Being left handed, I mounted it so the light is at about the 2:00 position when sighting. The Quik Detach knob is at about 5:00.

Step 2- Notch the clamp for mounting the base to the clamp. I oriented the hose clamp screw away from the Quik Detach screw, so I made 2 notches, 1 on each side of the band width (so the band necks down to an hourglass shape) roughly 180 degrees opposite of the clamp screw. I used a Dremel to grind the notches.

Step 3 - Mount the Base to the clamp I mounted the base by aligning the holes in the base with the notches on the band, inserting the 2 machine screws, and installing the flat washers, lock washers, and hex nuts. (Base is on the outside of the clamp, washers/nuts are on the inside.) Tighten! Use a Dremel & cut-off wheel to cut the screws flush to the hex nuts. Paint the assembly black at this time, if you want to.

Step 4 - Mount Flashlight in Hose Clamp This was tricky, as there wasn't much room to open the clamp, and have the nuts clear the light body. I had to remove the tailcap and really work at it. You might want to try either (a) using a larger clamp, but you may have to cut off the excess when tight; and/or (b) run the machine screws from inside the clamp through the base, and fit the washers/nuts "inside" the base...You'll get more clearance to the light body, but less clearance for tightening the nuts.

Step 5 - Mount Light to Shotgun Align the base on the ring, and tighten the Quik Detach screw.

DONE! Loc-Tite is always a good idea, but everything seems pretty solid. Total cost, if you had none of the above materials is about $50 inlcuding the light. Will this light stand up to alot of firing? Probably not...I'd recommend getting the Shockproof bezel (about $15) and taking the light off the shotgun when practicing...Hence the necessity of the quick detach set-up!

Hope this works for you, or inspires you to try something else...YMMV...I'm not responsible for your screw-ups, blah blah, etc....

PS My pics are only posting as half the image for some reason...sorry.
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