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Posted: 6/13/2009 8:14:07 PM EST
So I am thinking about getting some NV for my M4 with rails and am not sure if I want to spend the extra money on Gen 3 Mum or stick with a D-300 Gen2. Either way I want to shoot coyotes with it, out to at least 100 yards.
I can't seem to decide what the best approach would be.
Does anyone have experience with what would work the best? An adapter with a normal rifle scope or a certain Aimpoint or Eotech? If I go with an Eotech or Aimpoint I think I would need some kind of a 3x multiplier? Is the best multiplier one that attaches to the D-300 or for the Aimpoint or Eotech?

I would appreciate everyone's comments.
Link Posted: 6/14/2009 6:36:28 AM EST
Mounting an NVD to the back of a conventional day optic requires moving the day optic forward to achieve proper eye relief; this also requires keeping track of your DOPE. With Gen3, my experience is that about 6X is the maximum effective magnification with a GOOD quality day optic; a large objective lens is also very important, IMHO. No experience on my part using Gen2.

Mounting a monocular behind an NV-compatible red dot optic such as Aimpoint or EOTech can be a very effective solution, either with or without a magnifier. Many folks have historically preferred the EO for this application, but they don't work well with my astigmatism, so I have never owned one. Now that AP has introduced the T-1, it seems as though more folks are embracing that device. I am not sure about availability for the screw on magnifiers for the devices which you have suggested, but they do have much better optical characteristics than the typical day magnifiers; they also require a little less rail estate. For coyotes at <100y, you may not need any magnification, and as those critters don't seem to stay still for very long, the improved FoV without the magnifier might actually prove better.

Of course, the ideal setup is a helmet-mounted monocular with either a weapon-mounted magnified NV riflescope or laser, but that doesn't seem consistent with your budget.

Hope this helps.
Link Posted: 6/14/2009 9:09:27 AM EST
Yeah it would be nice to go with a NV rifle scope and a head mounted monocular, but you are right I can't afford that right now.
I was thinking of picking up a used Eotech 551 and maybe one of the GT14's or Mum that I could mount behind it or use as a head mounted monocular. This is going to be my first experience with hopefully decent night vision so if I like it I may have to invest in some more.
I am scared that if I was to get a Gen2 D-300 I wouldn't be very impressed and wishing I would have went with a Gen3.
I like these units because they seem like they have a decent amount of versatility whether you want to wear them head mounted or weapon mounted.

Thanks for the reply.
Link Posted: 6/14/2009 12:46:07 PM EST
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