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Posted: 12/30/2002 8:28:47 AM EDT
Just purchased a Daewoo DR200.  I've been a closet enthusiast for some time but this is the first firearm other than pellet guns I've ever owned.  In short I love it!  I've outfitted it with a Simmons 2.8-10x44 scope.  Have ran one SA battlepack through it so far.  Only uses will be general plinking and to maybe take on a few coyote.

I'm a left handed shooter.  Right handed but left eye dominant.  First time I picked up a rifle I held it left handed...it just felt natural.  I do a couple other things "backward" too.  Would anyone advise trying to make myself shoot right handed since I am right handed?  Or should I continue to follow what is natural?

When sighting in my new rifle I was trading turns with a friend who shoots right handed.  When I had the scope zeroed to where I wanted it it was off for him.  Consistently.  To my way of thinking a sight should be on or off.  Is it common for this to happen?  I realize we're doing something different with the rifle and it's most likely I'm doing something wrong since he's much more experienced.  But are two different zeros common for different users?

Anyone know what the trajectory characteristics are for the SA battlepack rounds?  We first zeroed the scope at about 70 yards.  Took the rifle to another friends and was consistently 3" high at 110 yards.  Can anyone shed some light on that?

As far as general technique, what are some good books to read to improve my marksmanship?


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