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Posted: 9/18/2004 8:37:06 PM EDT
I just had a buddy give me his grandfathers m1917 to see if i could clean it up and take it to the range. I've got a few questions I hope some one can answer. The bore is rather uniformly rusted and pitted but after a few hours I can see the rifleing quite clearly and it extends all the way to the muzzle. So I'm assuming there is still life in this barrel. Is that a resonable assumption? If so are there any tricks for removing the rest of the rust from the barrel? And is there any thing else that i should check before trying to shoot it.
Link Posted: 9/19/2004 11:05:22 AM EDT
I'd use some JB Bore Paste on the barrel. This is available from Brownell's and some gun shops.

This is a mild, non-embedding abrasive that's used to REALLY clean out fouled and rough bores, WITHOUT doing any damage.

I DO NOT recommend using any "expedient" cleaning methods involving steel wool, synthetic scrubbing pads, abrasive polishing products, non-gun chemicals or acids, electric drills, steel brushes, or anything else.

Nor do I recommend just shooting it as a rust removal method.

Here's some good info on 1917 disassembly:


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