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Posted: 9/3/2008 8:26:23 PM EDT
I picked up an 835 for turkey the other year and the only choke I got with it was the extended ported ultra full mossberg turkey choke.

Was planning on going duck and goose hunting in a couple weeks here and need to get a choke for steel shot.

I want to get an extended ported one to help with the recoil a bit, where is a good reasonably priced choke and a good place to get it?
Link Posted: 9/4/2008 4:23:12 AM EDT
Extended ported chokes really don't help with recoil.  

Ported barrels increase in efficiency in direct relationship to the amount of pressure being generated...that's why ported / braked rifle barrels work well.  Shotguns are "low pressure" and steel shot uses slow burning powder.  There is no noticable difference in recoil, only in report...which can actually increase perceived recoil.  They do strip the wad from the shot column sooner, theoretically resulting in better patterns.  

Is it worth $50?  Probably not.  A hit is a hit and a miss will still be a miss.  In range remains in range and out of range is just that.  the differnce between no choke and turkey choke within a given gauge / load combo is about 10 yards.

Get an Improved cylinder for larger goose sized shot, and try a modified for duck sized pellets.  With steel, they "generally" pattern a little tighter than what's marked on the tube as steel (which is (soft iron) does not deform like lead during setback (internal ballistics.)

You may need to try a couple different brands  / payload weights / speeds to find one that throws consistent (non-splotchy) patterns from your gun.  Don't go by the lable on the box.  Every gun / choke combo is unique to what it likes, it seems.  This is more important.  

I have a bucket full of chokes in the basement.  Musical chokes is a game I quit playing a few years ago.  Focus on the target, and it will break / die.  Quit worrying about the importance of a few thousandths constriction.  Ammo is where you'll see the big difference in pattern improvement.
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