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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 7/13/2002 4:25:24 AM EST
I had to do a final sight-in and check on a couple of rifles that I'm taking on an upcoming exotic game hunt here in Texas next week. One rifle is a brand new Browning Medallion in 300 Winchester Short Mag and the other is my 'Meat Gun'....its also a Browning Stainless Stalker in 300 Win Mag w/ a BOSS. I have this rifle so finely tuned that it will consistantly shoot one ragged hole, 1/4" (0.25") groups at 100 yards with the BOSS setting at 0.7 and my 180 gr. Ballistic Tip handloads. Getting this rifle to it's present day, almost effortless, accuracy took ALOT of time.

Anyway, I figured 1-2 rounds through my Win Mag would satisfy my extreme confidence in this rifle and then I would spend the rest of the evening working on the new Win Short Mag. WRONG!!!!!...The first round was about an inch off of where it should be and then it went down hill from there with a final 4 shot group size of somewhere over 4"!!!! To say that I was seriously befuddled and perplexed is an understatement!!!! I spent the next 20 minutes muttering WTF! to myself while I tried to diagnose my problem. First thought was that it needed a good cleaning (didn't have my cleaning kit with me of course), but I dismissed that because I cleaned it after deer season and with the moly coated bullets I'm shooting I have found that I can go over 100 rounds before I feel like I HAVE to clean it before accuracy suffers.

Next thought was that I developed a slight flinch, so I spent the next 5 min dry firing the rifle. Then I got hit by a lightening bolt of realization!!!......The damn stock screws!!! I checked the front stock screw and found it really loose....the rear was almost as bad. Guess where the next 2 rounds wentafter tightening the screws?.....In one hole and right where they should be.....Imagine that!!!! I shot one more round "just to make sure" and it also went into the same hole.

Moral of the Story.......make sure everything is tight (stock and scope screws) on those hunting/target rifles before sitting down for any serious work. As a reminder to myself I am going to pin the target to my gun room wall that has both 'before and after' groups.

BTW....the new WSM looks like it might be a real shooter with a little 'tweaking'
Link Posted: 7/13/2002 5:28:55 AM EST
[Last Edit: 7/13/2002 5:30:25 AM EST by M4Madness]
I know that if you have rifle with a H.S. Precision stock like my Remington 700P, you are supposed to check it now and then and keep it torqued to 65 inch-pounds. Glad to hear that it was something simple. Nothing shatters your hunting confidence more than a rifle that isn't shooting up to par.
Link Posted: 7/13/2002 7:51:44 AM EST
M4....I was definately worried for a little bit. I was also thinking that I had mistakenly changed something in my handload the last time I put some together. I was very relieved when those 3 bullets chewed a ragged hole! This rifle has to be the most consistantly accurate rifle I own. I swear I don't even have to work at shooting it...it seems to want to shoot itself. As you said....confidence in your rifle is a big factor when hunting!
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