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Posted: 10/27/2006 10:13:04 PM EST
Several years ago I ran across a used Century Arms L1A1 priced right. I bought it and shot it quite a bit, functioned very well for a parts gun. It was born as a (couple of) BSA rifles. I researched and found quite a bit of problems with the quality of receivers used by CAI used for these guns. I really didn't care since mine went boom when it was supposed to.

Of late I've gotten curious about the maker of my rec'vr. It appears to be forged and all the millings are just as good as those on my DSA receiver Stg58. It bears no stampings other than the obligatory "CAI ", "L1A1 Sporter" "St. Alb. Vt." and the serial number which is stampted along the side of the magazine well. All of these were obviously made by the same die and bear the same face. Along the very bottom of the mag. well is stamped "Made In Canada". This stamping is made by a different die, has a different face and is stamped much lighter.

I know that CAI managed to use a few quality receivers from Imbel and perhaps another place or two. I'm under the impression those are all stamped with "Imbel". Were they all marked this way? Is there any way to determine who made my rec'vr? Like I said above it is obviously a quality product; the rifle outperforms the two bills I paid for it. I'm only growing curious about it know because I'm pondering selling it and I know I'll have to answer the questions that are going to arise when selling a parts gun with such a spotty reputation. Any help is appreciated...
Link Posted: 10/27/2006 10:45:37 PM EST
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Of the Century-made receivers I've seen, there are two types: the dreaded unibrow receivers (single feed ramp, weird geometry), and the normal double feed ramp receivers.

The unibrows are pretty notorious for being crap, the double feed ramp ones being lightyears ahead.

That said, if it works then it works, no questions asked, at 2 bills it's a killer deal.

The unibrow:

Sorry for the crappy example, only pic I could find. But notice how the feed ramps are two distinct ramps with a triangular pinnacle in the middle.

Link Posted: 10/29/2006 7:31:17 AM EST
[Last Edit: 10/29/2006 1:47:26 PM EST by Eagle20]

The early "Made in Canada" marked receivers were either Argentine FMAP or Brazilian Imbel. ( Century Arms International use to be located in Canada ) CAI Canada then assembled the complete L1A1 Sporters using the demilled Brit parts sets slightly modified for the Bell and Carlson stock built On high quality, MIL Spec Metric receivers manufactured by Imbel and FMAP under license from FN and imported from South America fully finished. CAI first used unmodified FMAP Type III receiver and later switched to using Imbel Type III receivers machined for the inch top cover and folding charging handle. Even though the receivers were made in South America they were stamped "Made in Canada" because they were Assembled complete rifles in Canada and because the import duties were much lower for Canadian made goods. In fact, many of the later production Canadian CAI imports were marked "RECEIVER MFG BY IMBEL BRAZIL" above the serial number on the mag well and "ASSEMBELED BY CAI CANADA" along the diagonal edge of the mag well. There was a wide variation in markings of the early receivers. The earliest production units with Argentine FMAP receivers had only a 5 digit serial number starting with the letter C and the 308 caliber designation. The CAI Imbel Receiver - stamped " Made In Canda " has a 6 digit serial number .

FALSNARS - what you have is an Imbel manufactured inch cut receiver - that uses the inch top cover and folding charging handle. Inch bolt hold open and inch mag release assy.. But uses Metric mags instead of Inch pattern mags .. Not all CAI ( imbel manufactured receivers) were stamped to indicate that the receiver was made by Imbel..( But They Were ) Some did have in Tiny letters somewere on the receiver - Made by Imbel Brazil.

If you have any more questions you can email me directly at eagle20@hvc.rr.com

Let me know what you might be asking for the rifle , i would be interested ..

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