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Posted: 12/23/2001 12:44:29 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 12/23/2001 12:37:39 PM EDT by DavidC]
When its a cold winter day with nothing much to do, and lots of AR parts handy, what's a guy to do? Reconfigure!

I like the way these turned out, so I think I'll leave them this way, though I may add flip up rear sights to the one with the OKO.

Link Posted: 12/23/2001 2:38:43 PM EDT
Schweeeeet! The only thing I am gonna gripe about is that they both appear to be postbans because they have brakes on rather than flash suppressors, yet they have the "fake folder." A "fake folder" is silly, like a bayo lug with the ears filed off so it won't take a bayo.

Hell maybe they're prebans and you have your own reasons for putting brakes on them. Tell me I am wrong . . .
Link Posted: 12/23/2001 3:24:38 PM EDT
Sorry, they're both post-bans. The fake tele-stocks weigh just under 7 ounces less than an A2 stock, so the weight savings is why they are there. The bottom one weighs right around 6 lbs, even with all the stuff hanging on it. Haven't weighed the top one yet, but it has a much heavier barrel.
Link Posted: 12/23/2001 3:32:47 PM EDT
Nice, David... you just gotta do something with that tasco!
Link Posted: 12/23/2001 3:42:06 PM EDT

Gunbert espoused:

Nice, David... you just gotta do something with that tasco!

Ever use one of the PDP5CMP sights? The selectable dot sizes (4,6,8,12 MOA) and the big tube (45mm) make it very versatile. And they've been pretty rugged on other guns I've used them on. The tube is big enough not to get in the way of the iron sights, too.

I've got glass worth more than the rifles on a couple of my guns, I just haven't been motivated to do the same for a CQB gun. Now that I'm about AR'd out in terms of different guns, I'll probably start playing with the expensive optics, I'm just not in a rush

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