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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 8/17/2003 10:52:10 AM EST
It seems like all the good C&R pistols have dried up. The only one that is decent is the

Where are all the Makarovs, WWII handguns, and the other pre 1953 guns?
Link Posted: 8/17/2003 11:38:59 AM EST
Good question. Who has the Colt Sistemas now?
Link Posted: 8/17/2003 12:32:20 PM EST
Take it from a 10+ year C&R guy they ain't over.
It all runs in cycles, the recent Nagant revival is an example. Very common a few years back then dried up only to reappear a few months back with a vengeance.
The C&R I would guess at going away soon are the Yugo SKS's and Swiss K31s, the rest will come and go depending on what third world country is willing to sell off its arsenals for quick american cash.
Just my opinion,
BTW, for Systemas call Sarco, they have loads of stuff they didn't even know they had.
Makarovs will be back eventually, far too many in this world for them to disappear.
WWII handguns, what do you want? it is out there. My suggestion is try one of the Star Supers or a Nagant revolver.
Link Posted: 8/17/2003 2:26:53 PM EST
Actually, I think we're just heading into the really greatest period for C&R. Over the next decade all of the great post WWII civilian handguns will become C&R, and the shotguns as well. Just think of all those great Smith and Colt revolvers made back when labor was cheap, craftsmanship at its peak and demand just beginning again.
Link Posted: 8/27/2003 1:10:04 AM EST
I dunno about there being a glory days ahead. I think the best days were the 80's up till now.

Think about it. All the countries went F/A after WWII pretty much, so no rifles for us there. The supplies of bolt guns IS drying up, slowly but surely. Don't believe me? Look at Enfields. One cache left and it's tied up in Italy and is already bought by a few individuals. Mosins are everywhere, but when they're gone...

Even Semi guns can't come in without getting cut up (FAL's, CETME's).

Yes, pistols ought to keep it going, but we've been riding a 30 year wave that simply must come to an end because of the types of guns that can come into the country.
Link Posted: 8/29/2003 10:24:04 AM EST
I think we will continue to see good times in the coming years with regards to surplus weapons.That is without any restrictive legislation. The 80's for me were a very good time. I just wish I had had more money to burn back in those days. But right now has been good also. Yugo,Albanian SKS's that were unheard of. Tons of Mosins and there will continue to be more of these I feel.Some stuff is gone and never will return like Swedes and Enfields in the quatities we saw in the mid 80's. There are still some untapped regions for the surplus market. Russia and China I would bet still have tons of material.
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