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Posted: 5/19/2002 8:02:58 PM EDT
I recently applied for a C&R FFL. The form at the "Cruffler" site did not print out quite right, so I got the one direct from the ATF site. I have a clean record, and formerly held a regular dealer FFL, so I was hoping they'd hurry up and send my license so I can jump on some of the good deals currently out there.

Well dang-nabbit, of all the times when they could change the rules, they have to pick now. I just got a letter that in effect says the definition of the phrase "the people" no longer includes non-immigrant aliens, and informs me I must fill out and return an additional form, not mentioned by the ATF or anybody else a few weeks ago, that affirms I am not one of the dreaded non-immigrant aliens. Whom I presume are currently being rounded up and sent to the "showers."

Of course, I was born here in America, and hence am eligible for natural God-given rights myself. So this is just a minor annoying holdup for me. But I thought I'd give the heads-up on this to anyone else thinking of applying.
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