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Posted: 8/23/2006 9:02:44 PM EDT
Hi Guys,
I am searching the board and others now for this information, But I thought I would see if you all could help me. Can you tell me a little about my parts on my M1A Scout. This thing runs perfectly but I have read that there problems with SA parts in the rifles that are not USGI. I was thinking about purchasing a spare complete bolt but was wondering what I actually had in the rifle. Any information about my rifle will be appreciated. Are my parts crap. Should I upgrade any of them?

Reciever serial number: 15836X When was my gun built? I believe the gent I purchased it from said 2003.

Bolt says 779018SA then below that it says F00084

Op rod : 7267064-2

Trigger group: 7267030-I

Thanks for your help guys..
Link Posted: 8/24/2006 12:15:08 AM EDT
Your rifle was built in September or October 2003. All parts listed are Springfield Armory, Inc. commercial parts. My $0.02,

Get these spare parts:

firing pin
extractor and spring
ejector and spring
operating rod spring
trigger pin

Get these tools:

M14 combination tool
M14 chamber brush
M14 cleaning rod section (use with chamber brush)
Sadlak gas cylinder lock wrench
Sadlak gas system cleaning tools
one piece .30 caliber cleaning rod and patch tip

Get these accessories:

(if legal in your area) twenty round magazines from R A Parts or Armalite or LRB Arms

Buy ammunition. Use a light coat of grease in the normal spots.

Continue mission.
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