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Posted: 9/10/2010 5:13:01 PM EDT
I'm making that big step into the world of suppressed firearms.
I have a Loaded M1A in a SAGE stock and a M4gery and I would like to run both suppressed.

Is it feasible to get a 7.62 can for my M1A and use it on my 5.56 M4gery? Or should I get a dedicated can for each one?

Thanks for reading.
Link Posted: 9/10/2010 10:26:22 PM EDT
Yes you can get one can to run on both, the YHM 308 phantom can comes to mind. The make a QD mount for the M1 style guns and also a QD mount for AR style guns. You will lose some efficiency in sound reduction with a 308 can on a 5.56 because of the bigger exit hole but the volume of the can will make up for some of that. The only other disadvantage is that the 308 can is going to be heavy on a 5.56. A 308 can is a good place to start in to the suppressor game. I have the 308 phantom QD and run on an AK, FAL , Rem 700 and a SBR 5.56. That being said I will be in the market for a 5.56 can in the future.
Link Posted: 9/11/2010 6:56:49 AM EDT
Have a look see at the AAC 762-SD. They now have the 51T mounting system. A client has the 762 on his AR. I can hear very little difference vs a dedicated 5.56 can. There is a slight weight difference and length too.

With that said. If you are wanting 1 can right now and down the line buy a dedicated 5.56 can- buy a 762SD. Top of the line suppression- great mounts and not as pricey as some may think!!!
Link Posted: 9/11/2010 8:39:16 PM EDT
I know a few guys, myself included, that purchased the YHM Phantom for exactly that reason. Like another poster said, a bit more weight than a dedicated .223 can but arguably about the same in suppression. Just get the correct mounts and you're gtg...

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