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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 3/8/2002 2:17:24 PM EST
I like the DCM, Will it eat M855 or Wolf62??
What would I have to do to get it to eat it???

Link Posted: 3/8/2002 2:46:11 PM EST
You probably don't want to run Wolf (or anything else with a laquered steel case) through a DCM rifle.

Most people who shoot DCM rifles tend to try to squeeze all of the performance out of the rifle, ammo and shooter as they can. So, they reload. If you don't reload now, you ought to consider it. Not only is it a great hobby, it will also let you "find" the perfect load for your rifle. That way you can manufacture what works best for you.

Link Posted: 3/8/2002 3:15:10 PM EST
This is an interesting problem. You see I like the 1x8 barrel. I understand that it is a sammi spec barrel, but I also know that its throat is deep enough to even accomodate 75 grain loads. So what gives??? Maybe I need to go find a faq.
Link Posted: 3/8/2002 3:50:23 PM EST
The 1X8 match barrel is "throated" to accept the longer VLD (Very Low Drag) bullets that are used in the final prone slow-fire phase of the high-power match. The 1X8 twist is also designed to stabilize these longer and heavier bullets.

Are you looking for a match rifle for NRA Service Rifle Matches?

If you are you might want to build one yourself.
Link Posted: 3/8/2002 4:05:34 PM EST
Well what I am trying to do is find an off the shelf barrel that will eat anything at all, provide some good accuracy, be able to use the DCM free floater handguards on a Bushmaster DCM or Fulton Armory Lower?? I guess I am just trying the wrong tack.

I want 1x8, Chrome, Deep throat that will eat Milspec or target and be proberly crowned?? Am I wanting to much??? Am I messing around with to many opposed variables??

I want to be able to take and get SUB 2MOA groups out of SHIT PLINKING AMMO, 1MOA groups out of M855 and subMOA Groups out of Target loads.

Am I being unreasonable??

Link Posted: 3/8/2002 4:35:30 PM EST
You might want to consider the Rock River Arms set-up. When they first came on the scene I bought one of their 1X8 stainless barrels and I've had good results with it.

I tend to treat it rather poorly, but it has held up. For instance, I baby my Krieger and feed it only my best reloads. I tend to shoot my RRA. Not only do I shoot it, I also feed it a lot of crap.

You can squeeze "decent" accuracy out of an AR with a 1X9 non-floated barrel (if you don't sling-up tightly) and $5 a box ammo.

If you want something great, then free float a good barrel and feed it great ammo.

If you don't want to swap out barrels, you might want to chek out the RRA DCM complete upper.

Like I said, I get good results from my RRA barrel and blasting ammo. They're not as great as they could be, but they're good.

Link Posted: 3/8/2002 4:46:19 PM EST
I just found the Krieger Barrels website.

Link Posted: 3/8/2002 5:29:23 PM EST

I like the DCM, Will it eat M855 or Wolf62??

Link Posted: 3/8/2002 7:10:03 PM EST
Alright forget I said wolf 62??

Link Posted: 3/8/2002 8:38:20 PM EST
Look Benjamin0001, we're not trying to be mean or anything (although I admit I'm a mean person). However, you don't shoot Wolf ammo out of a DCM upper. You don't even shoot USGI ammo out of a DCM upper. You buy a DCM upper to shoot match grade ammo out of it (no less than something like Black Hills 68 grain match, which can be purchased at a relatively low cost compared to other types of match ammo). Most people I would guess reload for this type of stuff.

If you plan on shooting Wolf or GI ammo (Win Q3131A which I shoot), get a M4 type gun or a M16A2 replica with the 800 meter sights. You can replace the front post and install match grade sights if you wish. It would be a lot cheaper than spending $1000-1200 for a DCM rifle and then investing in the equipment so it'll properly shoot the groups you would want in a match.

Point is, get a rifle for a specific duty. I've learned there is really no jack of all trades rifle out there.

Link Posted: 3/9/2002 3:42:16 AM EST
Ben, do you plan on shooting matches? Or are you looking for an accurate plinking rifle? I will say this, the BM DCM gun is HEAVY(14lbs, I think) That's fine if you are just going to shoot matches with it but as a plinking rifle that sucks. I do not think that it is unreasonable to shoot surplus ammo from a DCM rifle if you can get decent results. After all, your time is better spent at the range shooting matches and learning marksmanship then debating weather or not to shoot surplus ammo from your DCM rifle. Shoot some matches, if you find that the surplus ammo is holding you back then start reloading. Good luck.
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