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Page Armory » 50 Cal
Posted: 4/12/2003 3:59:01 PM EDT
Latest news that I just received today, the LACC will supposedly have public hearings on the .50 ban on the 29th of April. Here's the text of what I received. ***Even if you don't live in CA, please send a fax or letter***. I know this is long BUT I wanted to include all the info that I have.



ITEM NO. (27) - Motion Required
03-0002 - S33

RELATIONS COMMITTEE relative to supporting Assembly Bill 50
(Koretz) and similar legislation to regulate .50 BMG rifles.

Recommendation for Council action, pursuant to Resolution

RESOLVE that the City include in its 2003-04 Legislative Program
SUPPORT of Assembly Bill (AB) 50 (Koretz), as well as federal
legislation, which requires the registration of .50 BMG rifles and
includes the .50 BMG rifle under the assault weapons law.

Fiscal Impact Statement: The Chief Legislative Analyst has not
completed a financial analysis of this report.


see http://lacity.org/clk/councilagendas/ND10154.pdf for complete agenda

***** Not that this next part is any more amazing but the hearings in Sac. will be on the 29th ALSO!!! I'm sure they planned it this way, kind of like a divide and conquer. If you can make it to either one GO! Here's a link to the re-rewritten State ban for AB50 http://www.leginfo.ca.gov/pub/bill/...mended_asm.html

Please send another fax or another letter to each, use the info that's been posted. Here's the Safety Committee's info also.

Assembly Public Safety Committee
P.O. Box 942849
Sacramento, Ca. 94249-0001

Fax # 916-319-3745


Here are some pointers when writing a letter.
• The Fifty Caliber Target Rifle has been around in California for 20 years, and there has never been a single incident of anyone being killed with these rifles in Los Angeles, California, or any other state in America for that matter.

• The Fifty Caliber Target Rifle was designed for civilian competition, and since 1985 such competition has been governed by the Fifty Caliber Shooters Association (FCSA), which hosts matches and the National Championship for fifty caliber target shooting.

• The LA City Ban on .50 BMG seeks to prevent what doesn’t exist – There never has been a person who has used a 50 caliber target rifle as a sniper rifle to kill anyone in Los Angeles or California, but hundreds of competitive shooters will become ‘overnight felons’ and see their sport outlawed if LA City is allowed to ban the 50 BMG.

• The LA City Ban can make no claim to serve the needs of public safety, since there has never been a death related to the very firearms it seeks to ban – The ordinance seeks only to ban the lawful ownership of firearms used in shooting sports competitions.

• Residents of Los Angeles deserve real measures for public safety. Ask them what they would rather have their City Council doing – tracking down some of the tens of thousands of missing sex-offenders they have lost track of or banning a gun that has never killed a single person in California or all of America?

• The reason the fifty caliber target rifle has never been used to kill anyone in Los Angeles or elsewhere is that it is ridiculously unsuitable for crime:

1. The guns are large and impossible to conceal, at nearly five feet long, with the lightest weighing more than three times that of an average hunting rifle.

2. The Fifty Caliber Target Rifle is one of the most expensive firearms ever made. A criminal could buy over a dozen handguns for the price of just one fifty caliber target rifle.

3. The Fifty Caliber Target Rifle is accurate only in the hand of the world’s most trained shooters, and then most often only in the competitive setting where shooters take the time to measure wind, temperature, altitude and distance.

• The 50 Caliber Target Rifle is being attacked by one of America’s most radical and extremist anti-gun organizations. This ban on the 50 is promoted by the same group that wants to ban all handguns, end Olympic Competitive Shooting and shut down public shooting ranges. The Los Angeles City Ban represents the fringe of the extremist anti-gun agenda and is not a reasonable or credible effort to improve public safety.



Dear Council Member __________,

I am writing to express my opposition of your proposition to ban the
sale or
possession of the .50 caliber rifle and/or ammunition. I am sure you
already been made aware of the fact that the .50 caliber rifle has
NEVER been
used in a crime in California or the entire United States.
Furthermore, the
likelihood of these rifles ever being used in a crime is extremely
considering their average weight is 25-35 pounds and overall length is
inches making them impossible to conceal and too cumbersome to carry

The .50 caliber rifle was designed and is used for civilian
competition. A
decision to ban these rifles would not benefit society in any way. We
urge to
respect the rights of honest people and oppose the .50 caliber ban.


Your Name


All 213 area code

District # tele# fax# Councilmember room #

1. 485 3451 485 8907 Ed Reyes 410

2. 485-3391 680 7895 Wendy Greuel 430

3. 485 3486 485 8988 Dennis Zine 405

4. 485-3337 624 7810 Tom Labonge 480

5. 485 5013 687 7406 Jack Weiss 440

6. 485-3357 847 0549 Ruth Galanter 475

7. 847 7777 847 0707 Alex Padilla 465


9. 485 3351 473 5946 Jan Perry 420

10. 485 3323 485 9829 Nate Holden 455

11. 485 3811 473 6926 Cindy Miscikowski 415

12. 485 3343 473 6925 Hal Bernson 460

13. 485 3353 613 0819 Eric Garcetti 470

14. 485-3335 847 0680 Nick Pacheco 425

15 485 3347 626 5431 Janice Hahn 435

Link Posted: 4/16/2003 7:56:49 AM EDT
Sorry, I made a mistake. There is no hearing at L.A.City Hall on the 29th. There WILL be a hearing the 29th in Sacramento.

Please keep sending faxes or letters to the Public Safety Commitee.
Link Posted: 4/28/2003 3:30:51 AM EDT
Today is the last day, send a fax to the Public Safety Committee. You don't have to write a long letter, just say "please count this as my opposition to AB50". Faxes sent in to the PSC line will be counted into public record.
Link Posted: 4/28/2003 5:28:13 AM EDT
Sent mine just now. Thanks Shawn
Link Posted: 4/28/2003 11:00:40 AM EDT
Hope to see you in the dez, maybe we'll have something good to celebrate.
Link Posted: 4/29/2003 4:27:00 AM EDT
Damn it,
can someone please post the results up here as soon as anyone hears?

i'm real interested...and worried

Link Posted: 4/29/2003 5:45:13 AM EDT
You can listen in when it starts at 9am PST, use this link
Link Posted: 4/29/2003 3:12:13 PM EDT
All I can say right now is $%#^&* DemocRATS!!! Sorry guys, AB50 passed, no common sense used just party lines! 5 Dems (yes) 2 Reps (NO)
Link Posted: 4/29/2003 6:12:34 PM EDT
it may have passed in commitee but it still has to go through the senate so its not a done deal yet, but "one foots in the grave and the other is kicking dirt..."
Link Posted: 4/29/2003 9:38:27 PM EDT
Well all those police SERT/SWAT teams can kiss getting .50 BMGs goodbye if they didn't already have them. Not like SWAT teams need .50s anyway.

Link Posted: 4/29/2003 9:51:16 PM EDT
Doesn't affect police or movie studios.
Link Posted: 4/30/2003 5:46:47 AM EDT

Doesn't affect police or movie studios.

of course not there will always be exclusions for smart people, we are just dumb dumb dumb and we need nice and thoughtful people like those Dems in Kalifornia to protect us from ourselves, thank god for the Democrats otherwise we might not be able to breathe. They have only your best interest at heart you know. They will inflict their good will upon society to make it safer. This is the first step in a law to protect society from a gun that has already done much damage, and next they will be outlawing flying saucers. It is but for the "greed of power" that causes one man to inflict his will upon others in a way that limits freedoms...
Link Posted: 4/30/2003 4:09:24 PM EDT
Say this BS law passes and .50s become AW and require registration.  We will need to register our single shot AR lowers as AW and then we will be able to mill out the magwell, correct?  Maybe wishfull thinking if this dreaded law does pass but just trying to plan ahead.  I know this was discussed before but thought I'd bring it up again.
Link Posted: 5/1/2003 6:26:43 AM EDT
My point was Ronnie Barrett WILL NOT sell in CA again! To police, military, movies, ect. The ONLY .50 BMGS I have read about/ seen in use with SERT/ SWAT teams (and very few) are BARRETT firearms.

Link Posted: 5/1/2003 10:45:16 PM EDT
sounds like an awsome idea to me. ronnie should stop selling and simply lease his weapons for life at the purchase price with a part of the lease stipulating if the gun is used in california without approval the lease is revoked. On another note, I dont know what scares me more, the far fetched non-plausable idea they are pushing where an M82 could fall into the hands of a criminal, or the idea that the LAPD has one or more of them. I fear the possible uses of that weapon in the hands of the LAPD than a criminal. I can see it now, one minute you are a hostage in a hold up and you see your chance to get out, you run out side and are gunned down by an LAPD sniper. sounds silly doesnt it? It already happened there...
Link Posted: 5/2/2003 9:51:28 PM EDT
If they start require registration of the .50, there are loopholes to register more ar's.. (ahem)
with that .50 upper, you could techincally register any ar receiver that is completed during the time period they give you to register your .50's,

Same theory would apply to basically any other rifle you could turn into a .50 bmg.

Know your rules and loopholes.

Sigh, honestly though i'd rather have nothing passed at all
Link Posted: 5/4/2003 7:01:09 PM EDT
Yeah but it would have to be a Kali legal lower like the DPMS or FAB-10. For those that own A (meaning single) .50 round and still have it if they are banned, your an instant felon! You'll have to own a REGISTERED .50 to possess any .50 ammo according to AB50.
Link Posted: 5/5/2003 4:56:46 AM EDT
Whoa, i didnt catch that part about making rounds illegal to own...

Thanks for that headsup...

50, i'm gathering these "thoughts" on dicussions ive had with plenty of people, so understand its a grey area and not something i can prove legal or illegal . we were figuring that an unfinished lower (which means its a hunk of metal, lets say 80 percent complete?(not sure at what point the ATF deems it complete) and have that registered. Then once u get the registration approval u just finish it off. Basically, any .50bmg gun once registered will fall under the "assault" weapon category as ar-15's and ak's etc, so you could have a regular lower and a .50 upper. And then pop on a regular upper receiver and have something i believe pretty much legal. u get pulled over? police check their computerized database (we dont have to carry our papers), the serial number of the lower is registered as an 'assault weapon" and i dont think its really gonna list calibers.

My question is however, is if ab-50 is passed, specifically what category will the DOJ classify .50bmg as? Will it just add another section to the assault weapons bill?
can someone link me?
thanks ahead of time

Anyway, like i said its a shady grey area...
Link Posted: 5/5/2003 5:06:42 AM EDT
I would be careful of those 80% lowers, they sound like a good idea... Like you said, at which point do they cross the line. If you use a drilling fixture for the internals and hog out the mag well for a magazine, you could be on the wrong side of that grey area.

You might be okay if you didn't touch the mag well and put some kind of serial # on it.

I think we were posting at the same time, go to www.fcspi.org for the text on AB50. They are also having a raffle for a Windrunner 99 with a caliber change of your choice (.408 CheyTac or .338 Lapua Mag.).
Link Posted: 5/6/2003 4:44:29 AM EDT
Thank you for the link 50....

Ok, looking at the link, DID THE BILL PASS?
It says may 5th, it passed state assembly?
Link Posted: 5/6/2003 5:48:39 AM EDT
It's only out of the Public Safety Committee, there is still time to fight.
Link Posted: 5/6/2003 12:45:13 PM EDT
I know the "how" of the matter, but the "why" still confuses me.  Who/what made these idiots cut loose on .50's?

Sad to say, I think the average American won't really care about this issue, as the "hunters only" don't care about the AWB. This seems like an issue the Dumbasscrats have already decided upon and all that's left is the dog and pony show required to make it a law.

[preaching to the choir]
I hope EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE realizes that if it can be stopped in CA, it has to be. The excuse "I don't live there, and don't care what those guys do" will eventually bite us all in the ass.
[/preaching to the choir]

I support you guys, and hope the United States of America that I believe in will set you free.
Link Posted: 5/6/2003 4:02:11 PM EDT
Back in the late 80's early 90's .50's were very expensive and were regarded as an uncommon caliber,meaning very few people were intrested in them.Now in todays market they are widely talked about,it seems like everyone has one or is gonna get one.They are now mass produced in huge numbers.You can now buy over the counter bmg uppers for your rifle and are becoming dime a dozen.It seems like eveyone has one.They were a secret society of there own.Now that they are hugely popular it has raised red flags with our government.They think someone will "eventually"use it for a terrorist act.Just my .223
Link Posted: 5/6/2003 9:21:17 PM EDT
All I can say is WOW! I don't know if your serious or kidding.

50's mass produced in hugh numbers, BMG uppers available over the counter and a dime a dozen! Let's not forget that secret society. LOL
Link Posted: 5/6/2003 10:01:46 PM EDT
everyone knows that both jefferson and ben franklin pushed hard for the 2nd amendment ebcuase it guaranteed the others. Knowing that my armed "subjects" might rebel against me I might as any coward would, pick at the tiny sores first. Being that 50's are not exactly that mainstream "yet" there is not as much support from groups like the NRA. being that 50's are a weaker cross section of gun owners, and since most gun grabbing politicians are cowards interested in waving around some sort of victory against the gun owners, we make great targets. Bill Clinton himself declared that the Dems lost congress because of the NRA, the mere fact that they wouldnt take a path of least resistance scares me. Just what exactly do they have to gain from taking my gun? what is the greater plan? Just thinking about it gives me shivers. for now the path of least resistance is ammo taxes and narrow market guns like our 50's
Link Posted: 5/7/2003 9:36:04 AM EDT
Lets see here in order to commit a "street crime" with a .50 calibre rifle I will need:

Barret M82A1   $8000+
100rnds .50BMG ammo   $100
Cleaning Kit   $50

Not to mention that it weighs 40lbs and must and well pretty much has to be shot from the prone postion.

Wouldnt it be much easier to get a $159 10/22 and 500rnds of .22lr for $5 and shoot ppl?

Just wondering.
Link Posted: 5/7/2003 3:41:59 PM EDT
50_SHOOTER I was just kidding!A reminder to myself,DONT-DRINK-AND-POST! Really guys why did they all of a sudden go after the .50bmg????Any takers???
Link Posted: 5/7/2003 6:09:10 PM EDT
hey zrh, dont forget the 2,000 buck scope

Okok, i guess we can go with atrashco....
Link Posted: 5/7/2003 8:44:14 PM EDT
If I had to take a good guess, I would have to say that they thought it would be an easy target. Figuring that because of how big it is and how powerful, the sheeple would be scared out of their shoes. They figure by scaring people and making an issue looking for a problem that needs to be solved, people would be more then willing to ban them.

It really isn't about the caliber, they want ALL of our guns. They won't be happy until we are totally disarmed. Here's the best part, the only thing Koretz has going for him is this, he got a city ordinance making it illegal to declaw your cat. Now everyone in West Hollywood will have buy concrete furniture.
Link Posted: 5/8/2003 10:11:12 PM EDT
Hey you cant have ferrets (the pet animal) in Kaliforniastan either.
Link Posted: 5/9/2003 9:28:31 PM EDT
yea, I heard about that Hollywood city ordinance...

My dad's a veterinarian, and he just cracked up when he heard that. "Poor Idiots" he said in his broken English.

50 shooter, out of curiosity do you own a shop?
Link Posted: 5/10/2003 5:46:05 AM EDT
No, don't have a shop.

At one time I gave it some thought, along with a few friends. Decided it was just to much of a pain in the A$$ in Kali and L.A. County.

A friend just gave up his FFL, because he only did PP tranfers and law enforcement stuff the state couldn't inspect his house. Their answer to this was to send the ATF! The agent even told him that's why they were there. After the 2nd or 3rd round of this he told the agent he was done and gave it up.
Link Posted: 5/10/2003 10:35:52 PM EDT
Man, i could imagine the headaches
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