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Posted: 3/27/2008 9:38:48 AM EDT
CYMA MP5 RAS Kit for $50?

Has anyone tried this kit on the GSG yet?  Looks like it would need some serious modification though.  I've heard good and bad reviews of CYMA products.  They have a cheap M4 kit already, but I think this might be new.

I've only seen this on one site so far...for $50

Says all aluminum construction



The CYMA MP5 RAS Kit is constructed of aluminum and replaces the standard front handguard of the MP5 with three (3) 20mm picatinny rails. The RIS handguard enables the user to mount a wide range of accessories onto their MP5 including flashlights, lasers, vertical foregrips, battery boxes, etc. Aside from the MP5 RIS handguard the kit includes an aluminum outer barrel, vertical foregrip, and two (2) rail covers.


Vertical Foregrip
Aluminum Outer Barrel
Removable Rail Covers
Three (3) 20mm Rails
Link Posted: 3/27/2008 9:42:16 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 3/27/2008 9:44:30 AM EDT by jackal2001]
I would say it "should" work, but you will need to cut off that barrel or whatever that long this is attached to the collar.  Also you would probably see where you cut that off so it may not look all that great depending if you butcher it with a dremel or take your time with a hand file.
Also you would need to make all the mods to the collar like I did.  The collar won't fit on as-is and needs a lot of work to make it fit.
Link Posted: 3/27/2008 10:14:22 AM EDT
i found a fourm that said this cyma would work but needs mods $32 and they have ca stocks to $50 for retractable i have not used the ris but plan on ordering it when i get my gsg

Link Posted: 3/27/2008 12:01:42 PM EDT
I have the CYMA RAS.  Very nice for the price.  Got mine for $32.00.  The collar has to be modified exactly the same as the G&P model which means way more material has to be removed than the "barrel" that is attached.  The entire center area of the collar has to be removed to fit it to the GSG so the "barrel" is a total non issue.  See the info on the G&P RAS in the Big thread to see just how heavily the collar has to be modified to get it to fit.

The CYMA doesn't have the trademarks on it like the G&P but other than that it is nice and seems pretty sturdy.  Does appear to be cast and the G&P may be milled so if that concerns you I would say go with the G&P.

I got mine for the collar since once fitted you can use any regular HK forearm (with minor mods) on your GSG.  I have an HK forearm on my GSG right now.

Also the rails fit an MP5/HK94/clone just fine if you're wondering.  Was solid as a rock on my CA94.
Link Posted: 4/16/2008 1:11:46 PM EDT
This was pretty easy to mount, at least the way i did it.  I didn't use that barrel shroud piece at all, I just simply mounted the RAS with the front screw mount on the GSG-5, and then i drilled a hole thru the bottom rail where the long black barrel set screw of the GSG-5 protrudes.  I then used that barrel screw of the GSG-5 "as a thread tap" and I slowly backed it out thru the hole I drilled in the rail (smaller than diameter of barrel screw).  It works really nice because the rail is aluminum and the screw is steel, so the thread don't strip.  You just have to screw it out thru the rail until it starts to get tight, and then loosen, and then tighten again until you get all the way thru the bottom rail.  I was not real exact in my measurements as to where to drill the hole in the rail and it still turned out perfect.  Once you get that barrel screw thru the rail, I simply held the RAS in line with the gun and tightened the barrel screw back into the gun.  The threads of the barrel screw hold the RAS tight and secure, but I might put a small piece of alum tube in between the rail and GSG-5 with the barrel screw running thru it, to act as reinforcement to prevent the hole from stripping during a HARD drop.  Yeah, don't bother fucking with that barrel shroud piece.

The vertical grip for this kit sucks ass.  I easily broke off the tightening handle on it.  It is simply glued on.  
The rails are sturdy though and with my ergo pistol grip on there, it's really solid.

I'll probably get around to posting a pic of this process at some point, if that all the babble above doesn't work.  Not sure how everyone else is mounting their RAS kits, but mine only took about an hour or so to do.

Oh yeah, I did also trim the right rail by one notch so there wasn't any interferance with the ejection port.  I simply took a hack saw and placed the blade against the last notch (for a straight edge) and cut off the R1 tab.  Filed down the rough edge and hit it with a quick shot of flat black enamel spray paint.  You honestly can't even tell it's been cut or painted and it looks awesome.


Link Posted: 4/17/2008 5:56:26 PM EDT
here's mine. did the same thing sharky did...
Link Posted: 4/18/2008 7:37:57 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 4/19/2008 2:59:30 AM EDT by protarget88]
aIIan I like the way yours turn out.  Is yours a g&p brand as mentioned above? and also where did you pick up the front grip?
Link Posted: 4/19/2008 5:14:24 PM EDT

Originally Posted By protarget88:
aIIan I like the way yours turn out.  Is yours a g&p brand as mentioned above? and also where did you pick up the front grip?

yes, tango down.
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