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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 12/29/2005 1:53:23 PM EST
How rough are the rack-grade Garands from CMP? I'm not concerned about the barrel, as I will be rebarrelling it to 7.62, just wanted info on the rest of the parts.

Any recommendations on US v. Danish v. Greek?
Link Posted: 12/29/2005 2:27:23 PM EST
Rack Grades range from a "diamond in the rough" that just needs cleaned up (with original barrels, parts, and stocks) to ragged worn warhorses that don't have an original part except the receiver. No guarantee of what you get unless you go to CMP North and pick it up. That being said, even the worn ragged warhorse is well worth the money. Take a chance and order two of them, you'll get one that's decent most likely, and you can part the other one out for more than you paid for it. I would probably get one Dane and one Greek if I were ordering two. If just ordering one, go for the Dane.
Link Posted: 12/29/2005 2:46:45 PM EST
I ordered 2 Rack Grades this year and even thou they both need barrels one of them needs to be reparkerized and the other has almost 100% parkerizing. They are both 1943 models with one being made in May and the other in November. The May built one doesn't have any of it's original parts and will most likely be rebarreled and reparkerized and made into a shooter while the November built one still has it's original barrel and most of it original parts. All I need to do to the November built Springfield to restore it back to original is to get the SA/GAW stock, and a set of type 2 lock bar sights. It was the best of the rack grades I got. The November built one has me confused as what to do since November is my birth month I want to rebuild the November 1943 to use in JC Garand matches but since it is so close to being all original I don't want to change a thing other than restoring it. I would love to rebarrel it and make it a real good competition shooter but I cannot get past the fact it is so original. I just can't decide if I should rebarrel it or not. It does shoot pretty good even thou it measures a 7 on the throat erosion guage and also has an uncut op rod. Maybe I should try to find another November built rifle and build that into a competition rifle. I guess I will figure these things ouit as I go. Maybe when I buy some more Garands then I will decide which ones I will rebarrel. It is too bad that I bought the rack grades to rebarrel and the one has it's original barrel and is in too good of shape for me to want to mess with it. I just need to get more Garands one of each manufacturer and hopefully when the CMP starts selling the Greek returned Winchesters hopefully I can get a good one. Thanks Arvin
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