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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 7/21/2002 9:05:19 AM EST
In another thread, someone mentioned in passing that M1A s were legal in CA with a new type of muzzle brake. I checked this on Springfield's site and see there is indeed a CA legal version, but no further info. on it.

Does this mean that new M1A rifles are available in CA?

Is it possible to change the suppressor from a rifle bought in another state, and brought in to CA, so that it would become CA legal?

I had thought that the M1A was banned by name by CA DOJ. It would appear that's gone. If this is the case, is someting pending regarding AR-15s?

Link Posted: 7/21/2002 10:42:41 AM EST
[Last Edit: 7/21/2002 10:44:12 AM EST by Noname]
-Yes, new M1A's are available in Calif (with muzzle brk).
-Yes, you could ship a used M1A into Calif (with flash hider removed or a muzzle brk installed)
-If you possess a M14 type rifle in Calif with a flash hider and didn't register it, it's illegal. If you remove flash hider it's legal.
-If you registered your M14 type rifle you can remove the flash hider and install muzzle brk and have the rifle removed from the list of "Registered Assault Weapons". Note you cannot add it back in the future...
Link Posted: 7/22/2002 3:02:53 AM EST
Thanks. It's what I had hoped the answer would be. I have a note in to Springfield to see how much of a problem it is (mechanically) to make a swap.

I've been looking at M1As here (FL), and wondered if I bought one if the suppressor/brake could be changed if I moved to CA (trying to avoid). You answered that one.

Your note raises another issue, though academic in my case. This is for others out there who like to scratch their heads over complicated or contradictory laws. Suppose one had an M1a in CA, before the ban/registration. Then, deciding not to register, it went underground, obviously illegal. Now, one can make a conversion and it supposedly is legal. As you mention, it would be illegal to have owned this, as a technicality. Just love lawmakers.

Along the lines of various lawsuits against CA DOJ regarding the registration/ban I've read about. I'll bet they never repeal the law, simply as a cost measure. If they do, how about all the weapons they confiscated and destroyed after the deadline, and that fiasco with the extension (Roos the Commie).
Link Posted: 7/22/2002 7:06:20 AM EST
Changing out the flash hider is simple. Brownells and Springfield Inc sell the muzzle brk with USGI retaining nut pliers.I think it's about $80.00. The flash hider is splined to the barrel and held by the retaining nut. The retaining nut is secured by a set screw.
-remove set screw
-unscrew retaining nut
-slide off flash hider
-reverse to install muzzle brk

99% of the M14 type rifles I see were not registered---the owners installed the brake. Also note if you are looking at a new M1A have the dealer order you a Calif Spec rifle and avoid the change out. Springfield mounts a crappy aftermarket flash hider (ie not USGI) that usually will have quite a bit of runout. The muzzle brakes are well made and show minimum runout (and work). The Scout Rifle comes with the brake installed as standard issue.
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