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9/19/2017 7:27:10 PM
Posted: 10/13/2003 2:43:22 PM EDT
I've been wondering what's really involved with building an M-14 clone. I've seen receivers in the Shotgun News for as low as $170 for the Armscorp jobs, which doesn't seem that bad. I wouldn't think it would be too cost prohibitive to get all the parts, especially if a guy can find a parts kit. So unless you guys know something I don't, and you probably do, I gotta know a couple of things: 1) After all is said and done, is it cost efficent to build it yourself or is it about the same to buy a new base model Springfield? I'm assuming a guy can get a parts kit, which I don't see a lot of for these, but a guy can get the parts. 2) What is involved in headspacing an M-14? I know how to headspace a Savage bolt-gun, but that's overly easy anyway. Can a regular guy like me headspace an M-14 on his own if he has some cheap tools, or are we looking and having to do mill and lathe work? If so, about what would a good M-14 smith charge for this work? Again, looking at cost here.

If after all the parts and labor are paid for, I'm looking at something close to the price of a new base model Springfield, I'll go buy one that's already assembled. It will at least have a warranty, which is worth a few bucks, IMHO. Thoughts? Opinions?
Link Posted: 10/13/2003 3:11:35 PM EDT
The biggest hurdle in a kit build for the M14-type is the parts. The parts market has dried up. The last time full kits were available was a few years ago and they cost about $700 at the time. You'd have a heck of a time finding one floating around, though I'm sure there are some out there, but I don't want to think what you'd have to pay for one. If you've seen parts kits, where'd you see them? There's plenty of people looking for a good set at a decent price.

You could find the parts here and there, but that's alot of running around, searching, and in the end will cost a good deal more.

Anyway, let's say you get a receiver for $175, and a parts kit for $700. That's $875. You'll need a gunsmith, or you can do it yourself with about $100 worth of tools, depending on what you already have, but you'll definately need a couple of special tools. Either way you're looking at another $100 by the time you're done. That gives you $975, not adding in the shipping and what not. So it's safe to say you can round it up to an even $1000 as an estimate.

A fully assembled SA, inc. will cost about that, so I don't believe that it's cost effective to do it yourself. You can find non-SA, inc. guns for less than what it would cost for you to build one. A fully assembled SA, inc. gun will also give you a lifetime warranty.

If you want a specific version, or you're buildign a match gun, then it could be worth it, since buying a whole gun and all the extra parts gets even more expensive, but unless you really need a gun built, it's cheaper to just buy one built.

Now that being said, I built a TRW kit on a Polytech receiver because I wanted all USGI parts on a forged receiver. I could have bought a SA, inc. for less, but I wouldn't have had the exact gun I wanted.

In the end, the lack/price of kits makes buying whole a better path to take.

Link Posted: 10/14/2003 2:39:54 PM EDT
Haven't actually seen any kits recently, just figured they had to be out there. Didn't figure they'd run that much, actually. I thought maybe they'd be closer to $500, or was hoping they would anyway. OK, so it's not any cheaper than buying a new gun, and may well cost more. Gotcha. Thanks.
Link Posted: 10/18/2003 4:17:02 AM EDT
But an all USGI parts + just about anyone's receiver will be a much better rifle than a new production Springfield using non-GI parts.

Buddy of mine up in BC tells me the Chinese M14 rifles sell for $399 at retail. That's CDN$399.....

-- Chuck
Link Posted: 10/18/2003 9:51:54 AM EDT
Who has M1A receivers for $170?
Link Posted: 10/18/2003 4:56:54 PM EDT

Originally Posted By BKinzey:
Who has M1A receivers for $170?

If someone is selling Armscorp receivers for $170.00 as you stated,I'll take 50 of them right now.No bull,no games,I have the "cash" ready.

As Chuck stated,you would be better off with a complete rifle with USGI parts.Most guys are installing USGI parts anyways and selling off the commercial parts.

Armscorp receivers retail at about $399.00
If you find a parts kit for $700.00 that's a good price these days.
Also,I know that Clayton Smith at West Texas Ordnance will install your barrel and headspace the bolt for $40.00-$50.00

Clayton will also sell you a post ban M1A on an Armscorp receiver for $1150.00 ready to shoot.Up grades are also available.


Link Posted: 10/24/2003 11:14:47 AM EDT
Complete kits are scarce but I did just get one for $700. It's USGI, new barrel & bolt, walnut stock.
Link Posted: 10/28/2003 8:54:08 PM EDT
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