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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 11/16/2001 7:14:29 AM EST
I have finally completed my "pet project" Browning 300WSM Abolt. I chose the hunter model with the wood stock, but it didn't really matter because I had ordered a laminated "Wildcat" style replacement from Elk Ridge. When I first got the gun, I took it down, cleaned it well, and checked the bedding, barrel channel clearance, trigger etc., and all seemed well, save the glob of bedding glass in the recoil lug slot (not very much and not neat at all). I originally topped off this rifle with Burris DD bases and a Burris 2.5-10X44 Signature series posi-lock scope. Before the stock replacement, I took it to my range and followed my usual procedure of breaking in the barrel with bore paste and militec. The recoil on the "stock" version was absolutely EVIL and after the break-in the rifle didn't group well at all with factory 150gr. ballistic silvertips (which I had read don't shoot well in the gun anyway). To make matters worse, the Burris scope would not hold zero, didn't respond accurately to reticle adjustments, and as a result was sent back to Natchez for a refund. In the meantime, I received my replacement stock from Elk Ridge (another project in itself), rebedded the action, and lapped the barrel using the tightly wrapped patch over brush method. With my Burris scope refund from Natchez, I decided to go with Leupold (I know, I know) - I again chose double dovetail bases but chose the larger 50mm obj. 3.5-10 VXIII. This time, the new-look Browning shot like a dream. I have been able to get consistent .625" 100yd groups with factory Win 150gr. BSTs while still using the factory barrel. I had considered getting a replacement Shilen barrel for this rifle but that'll have to wait for now. I plan on shooting factory 180gr. fail-safes since the whitetail season opens tomorrow, and will shoot them today - hopefully with at least the same result as the 150gr. BSTs. I also plan to make-up some 165gr. fail safe loads in the future. The Elk ridge stock with the thumbhole, high swept comb, and 1" Pachmayr decelerator pad really tamed the recoil and have made this a great hunting rifle.
Link Posted: 11/19/2001 10:47:03 AM EST
hardwood--what laminate stock did you go with? ever since i found that site on the net (elk ridge), i've been in love with the tigerwood laminate stock. i am dying to find a gun that needs to be restocked so i too can get one of those nice laminates and redo the wood.

if you did go with the tigerwood, could you PLEASE post some pics. there aren't many on the web site, and i'd love to see what a full stock in that laminate looks like.

also, with the wildcat style, can you use that stock with open sights? it looks like the comb on the stock would position the eye at a good level for a scope, but a bit too high for open sights. just curious as for your thoughts.

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