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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 4/2/2006 7:06:05 PM EST
Hey guys, I picked up this SA58 from my buddy last week. $1000, I got 5-20rd DSA mags, gun, original upper, ARMS upper, PRI high scope rings, Millet1.5-6x50 scope and 100rds AE 150gr .308FMJ.
I'm a total Newbie to FAL's.
How does the deal sound, GOOD or BAD?? I hope it was a good deal!

I seen it has some nice upgrades like the ARMS upper scope mount and PRI rings, What else can you tell me about thisparticular model, what sets it apart from other FAL's??
Is it metric or inch, and what is the whole deal with that anyway? Is it on a FN FAL lower, or????
ANY AND ALL info is appreciated

Some other questions...
Is there a tool for the front sight adjustment or how do you do it? How about windage on the rear?
How do you tailor your gas adjustment system?What steps?
I figured out most the basics of operation and disassembly, anyone have the link to cleaning procedures? I didn't get a manual or any tools.
I have 5 AR's, so I wanted to switch the game up for the .308 battle rifle

The brake is perm attached, can I remove it and thread the barrel? It measured 16" from chamber to brake?

Can I add the folding stock to it now? How about after, IF, I can remove the brake? What the size limit on barrel and complete gun before it is an SBR??

Link Posted: 4/2/2006 7:32:56 PM EST
[Last Edit: 4/2/2006 7:42:46 PM EST by PromptCritical]
Looks like a pretty standard DSA. DSA are known to be some of the best in the business.

If you really hate the flash suppressor, a smith should be able to remove it and install your choice of muzzle attachments. BTW: The barrel is already threaded to fit other devices sold by DSA.

I've heard good things about the ARMS mount. Another BTW: Upper and lower are used just like an AR. Upper holds barrel and bolt, lower holds trigger stuff and stock. The only difference is that the upper of an FAL is the serialized part, where an AR lower is the serialized part. The part you refer to as the upper is simply a cover, dust cover, topcover, etc...

It is a metric FAL, the vast majority of DSA FAL's are. Easiest way to check is to look at the mags. Metric mags have a small tab bent out on the front, inch mags have a larger tab spot welded on. There seems to be more parts support and aftermarket stuff available for metrics.

The gas adjuster adjusts how much gas is bled during a cycle, NOT how much is directed to the cylinder. That means the higher the number, the weaker the cycle. To check adjustment, fire a round, turn the dial up one click. Repeat. The first round that doesn't cycle properly indicates that the number is too high. Turn it down one click. This is the maximum setting that will operate the rifle. I recommend one setting lower just for reliability. Changing ammo may require a readjustment.

I just clean mine. Bore, bolt, internals, add some oil, wipe down with oiled cloth. Others may have more specific procedures.

Seriously, check out falfiles.com. Those guys have as much experience with FALs as people here have with AR's.

If you want to make it a folder, you will need to purchase a folding kit. This will be a new bolt, lower receiver, top cover, spring, and stock. The kit sold by DSA costs almost $400

To measure barrel length, close the bolt, and slide a rod down the barrel until it stops. Mark rod and measure. Must be at least 16 inches. ATF measures overall length to be the extreme length with the stock unfolded. Minimum 26 inches. Your state law may not agree. Always check local regs. If the barrel is over 16 inches, there should be no problem putting a folder on it, as the receiver and folded stock should be able to make up the other ten inches.

Welcome to the world of the FAL. 5.56 is nice, but sometimes you need a bigger hammer.
Link Posted: 4/2/2006 8:13:12 PM EST
That is not an SA58. I know that the upper receiver is marked with SA58, but that particular rifle is not one. That rifle is an StG58A. it was built with parts from an StG58 that was cut up and sold as scrap.
The Austrian StG58s were without any doubt the very best FALs ever built. The kits that DSA uses to build the StG58A were from rifles that were unissued or nearly so. They are of outstanding quality.
The Austrian StG58 barrels are known for producing exceptional accuracy. While the StG58As sell for a lower price than the SA58s, they are a better rifle.
The price you paid for the gear was fair for both parties.

If it were my rifle, I would shoot it to see what level of acuracy that it produces. If it shoots consistant groups @ 100 yrds of 2 inches or less, I would leave it alone. (benched, bagged, and scoped)

BTW, that bipod is an accuracy killer. It is also very heavy. They were originally provided so that the soldier could control the rifle in full automatic fire. It was not put there to aid in accurate shot placement. If it were my rifle, I would remove the bipod and hand guards. I would replace the handguards with a set of surplus bi pod cut synthetics.

StG58s were produced by Steyr in Austria and FN in Belgium. The Belgiun StGs have serial numbers under 20,000. There will be a serial number on the barrel under the hand guards. There will also be a company logo stamped. Hopefully, that barrel is Austrian made. While the Belgians made good quality barrels, it has been my experience that the Austrian barrels are consistantly more accurate.

Link Posted: 4/2/2006 8:22:38 PM EST
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