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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 11/18/2002 1:09:38 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 11/21/2002 1:51:44 AM EDT by DavidCrane]

I just wrote and published this on DefenseReview.com -- www.defensereview.com.

The direct link to the story and videos is:


To my knowledge, this is the first video footage of the HK MP7 PDW being demonstrated and shot to ever be made available to the public.

Please let me know what you think.


Link Posted: 11/18/2002 9:59:43 AM EDT
David, welcome to the boards, nice article. Windows Media Player cannot find the correct codec to play your video files. Yes I have the latest version.
Link Posted: 11/18/2002 3:05:24 PM EDT
Nice article.

Same here on Windows Media not opening the files. I followed hte instructions and used several versions of Windows Media Player.

No joy on opening the videos.
Link Posted: 11/18/2002 4:14:20 PM EDT
Did you guys download and play the videos, exactly as I explained it in the article? You must follow the instructions--to the letter. Assuming you did so, I will have to ask our Sys/Admin about the answers to your questions. I don't know exactly how he encoded them.

As I understanded, he just encoded them as MPEG's. You can't use RealVideo or Quicktime to play them. If your Windows Media Player won't play them, or won't play them properly, I don't yet have a solution for that.

Remember, once you've downloaded the video directly to your "Desktop", you have to right-click on the icon and left-click on "Play" inside the box that opens up. You can't simply do a double left-click on the icon. It won't work that way.

Please let me know if this helps. I've already emailed this thread to our Sys/Admin.

Link Posted: 11/18/2002 6:14:29 PM EDT
Followed directions......no joy :-(
Link Posted: 11/18/2002 6:18:10 PM EDT
I downloaded them and Quicktime will not play them.
Link Posted: 11/18/2002 6:24:04 PM EDT
That is correct. Like I said, you cannot use Quicktime to play them. We are going to provide a link at the story for you guys to download the latest codec, so you guys can see the videos. We're working on that one right now. In theory, that should solve the problem.

You will still have to follow my download and playing instructions(also provided at the story), exactly as I've laid them out.

I know it works, because the head of law enforcement sales at Heckler and Koch successfully downloaded and played one of the videos while I was on the phone with him today.

Link Posted: 11/18/2002 7:19:42 PM EDT
Problem is, when I right click and hit "open" on the file, realplayer tries to open the file and fails. Then I can't change what program tries to open the file. I'm running Win98. If the file is of an unknown type, Win98 gives you the option to specify what program you want to open your file, with an "Open With..." option. Unfortunately, Realplayer thinks it recognizes the format and attaches itself to the file, so the "Open With" option isn't there.

Opening Windows Media Player, using the File/Open drop down menu, and finding the file that way results in the missing codec error message I described in my first post.

Sorry man.
Link Posted: 11/18/2002 7:20:41 PM EDT
Nice! That's going on the Christmas wish list

Files downloaded and played in Windows Media player with no problem.
Link Posted: 11/18/2002 9:42:16 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 11/18/2002 9:42:52 PM EDT by EWB101]
I can't get any of the vidoes working with Windows Media Player. Followed your instructions to the letter. Any update on that Codec?
Link Posted: 11/18/2002 10:07:46 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 11/18/2002 10:12:19 PM EDT by Graffiti]
Have you guys tried updating the Windows Media Player? Go to "Help" on top of the Windows Media screen. Then go to "Check for player upgrades..." I believe there's a new CODEC version for the Media Player. For security purpose, I think you should apply all the patches available for it. Videos played fine on my PC using Media Player. As for the MP7, I don't like how they designed it. Looks too much like Uzi/Mac10.
Link Posted: 11/18/2002 10:14:22 PM EDT

Glad you could play them. How did you like them?

I'd like to get some opinions and comments at DefenseReview.com, if possible. Ideally, we'd like people to sign up as members and comment on the stories.

Link Posted: 11/18/2002 10:23:04 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 11/18/2002 10:27:14 PM EDT by DavidCrane]

Seeing it on the video, and actually handling and firing it are far different experiences. I've shot just about every subgun and sub-carbine under the sun, and this one ranks right up there. The MP7 is actually surprisingly ergonomic and comfortable to shoot, nothing like the mini-Uzi or MAC-10. The MP7 is much lighter, more ergonomic, and more sophisticated in terms of design. All the controls are placed just right. Did you notice how the gun doesn't move on full auto? Everyone who shot it at the Round-Up was equally impressed with it. My guess is that they're going to sell like hotcakes, if they allow other companies to produce the ammunition in quantity.

Keep in mind that this is coming from someone who was prejudiced against both the weapon and ammo before he got to handle and shoot it. The gun literally changed my mind on the spot. It's a trick little piece, and I'd buy one in a heartbeat, if I could.
Link Posted: 11/18/2002 10:42:39 PM EDT
Yah, I noticed how the HK instructor shot the MP7 full auto and he didn't even move a bit. I just assumed thats because he's a big guy and he knows the proper shooting stance. Only subgun exposure I had was on MP5 9mm and Uzi which I shot at The Gun Store in Las Vegas. I really didn't care much for full auto Uzi but fell in love with MP5 instantly. Will this replace the MP5? I hate to see the mp5 go.
Link Posted: 11/18/2002 11:02:04 PM EDT
Graffiti, and all, I just reinstalled both the latest version of the Internet Explorer 6 browser and the accompanying Windows Media Player, and I also (temporarily) set all my security settings to their lowest setting (WM player had suggested that if my security settings were too high the codec would not be able to automatically download), and still no dice. GRR!
Link Posted: 11/19/2002 10:00:53 AM EDT
Same here, still no joy.

Updated WM player.

Nope, wrong codec.
Link Posted: 11/19/2002 10:40:13 AM EDT
Hate to say it, but the 4.7mm round is just about useless as a CQB round. Although it's armor piercing, it's wound profile is VERY similar to a .22 LR. No thanks. When my life is on the line, I won't put my trust in an ineffective round.

That said, the weapon itself is intriguing. Hopefully it can be adapted to a more useful caliber.
Link Posted: 11/19/2002 11:01:35 AM EDT
H&K reinvents the Uzi.
Link Posted: 11/19/2002 12:54:45 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 11/19/2002 12:55:38 PM EDT by GreenTalon]
Those of you having trouble getting the file to play may need to download the DIVX codecs. I don't know where to get them but if you search for them you will find them. If this is MPEG 4 or higher you will need the Divx codecs. Also there are multiple versions, and DIVX under 5.0 isn't playable by Divx 5.0 codec, You might need to download divx 3.x and divx 5.

let me know if this fixes it.

Steve L.
Link Posted: 11/19/2002 3:06:01 PM EDT
Here's a link to the Divx codec:

Link Posted: 11/19/2002 4:01:35 PM EDT

Sorry you're having so much trouble over there. Please try downloading the codec that ChrisLe just provided the link to. Hopefully, that will do it.
Thanks, ChrisLe. Just FYI, our Sys/Admin has provided the same link at the story itself.


The MP7 isn't intended to replace the MP5. To be honest, close in, I'd rather have the MP5 with a good AP round, as I believe it will stop a man quicker--although I have no verification of this. This is just my hunch.

And, yes, the fact that Fred is a large man probably has some effect on controlling the gun to that degree. That said, his shooting stance is also probably as close to perfect as you're going to see. I'm sure he's also practiced fairly extensively with the weapon.

By the way, stay tuned. I'm going to be providing a story and video on the G36C, as well.
The G36C I got to shoot had an Aimpoint CompM2 sight and Surefire M900a vertical foregrip w/light.

The gun looks pretty badass on the video.

Link Posted: 11/19/2002 11:42:15 PM EDT
Ok this is seriously starting to piss me off. I already had the DivX codec installed but I reinstalled it anyway. Still no luck with windows media player. There is a little mini-player utility that installs itself with the DivX codec 5.2. That little program is supposed to run DivX files, but it won't run a single file on my computer, even ones which I KNOW are DivX codec. I'm on broadband so I know the file wasn't corrupted in download or anything, my downloads are fast and easy. WTF?

Oh yeah, and you guys who are getting your panties in a bind about the Mp7 replacing the Mp5, my guess is you are totally misplacing the intended purpose of the firearm. This is a highly specialized mission weapon, it will only work in very special circumstances, but in those circumstances it is designed to be the best compromise of some very conflicting operational requirements. One point that nearly everyone is overlooking is that this gun is supposed to be a secondary, not a primary. It isn't very much bigger than a MK23 "SOCOM" gun, its smaller than even an Mp5k, so you can carry a primary arm, a long gun such as a .223 or 7.62 of your choice, and then if your primary runs out of ammo, is damaged, jams, or otherwise goes down at the wrong place and time you have something a bit more substantial than a Beretta 92 or a Sig P226 to pull out of your back pocket, so to speak, and save your ass. Only in very limited circumstances would this be deployed as a primary weapon.

Also the wound channel is not as important as you might think. We are talking about an armor-piercing round which will be employed at very close range (CQB), at a rapid rate of fire, where you are not shooting to kill, but to stop. You don't care about how much tissue damage you do, by the time the guy bleeds out or dies of shock he still might have a couple of minutes left of life in him that he can use to fight back. In CQB what you are doing is going for a central nervous system hit, you dump 25 rounds into the guy's head or spinal column, and you hope one of them shuts off his light switch and accomplishes the stop instantly. When we are talking about trying to get a CNS hit in the head/torso area with a full auto armor piercing projectile, how much does tissue damage really factor into our equation?

Something to think about. Personally I think the people at HK haven't made a big mistake in weapons development in a long, long time. I'm one of those guys who thinks the G11 was just way ahead of its time, like the FG42. One day the Army will be spending billions of dollars on a weapons procurement program for our grandchildren soldiers, and toothless old --BATMAN-- will be telling them about how the G11 was the same thing way back in the 1980s...
Link Posted: 11/20/2002 4:56:02 AM EDT
David- Congrats on the story and movies- Its nice to see how your site has matured from linking to others' stories to now providing really original (and cool!) content on its own. Bravo to you. I thought you addressed the wounding potential issues in a very fair non- "Gee Whiz!" manner- Would that the gun rags had writers more level headed like yourself.

I'm in total agreement with you- I think you understand the proper deployment of this weapon.. I think its funny that the PDW concept originated (I think) in the 1980s as a response to the threat of Soviet airborne/covert attacks in rear areas.. Twenty years later we (NATO and the U.S.) are facing foes whose entire thrust is aimed at 'rear areas'. Those who criticize the MP7 too often imagine it replacing long guns. Rather, we should imagine a Air Force mechanic or a Army fuel transport driver in Saudi Arabia who is suddenly confronted by attackers with body armor and assault rifles. Would you want the support guy armed with a M9 or a weapon with a proper shoulder stock and chance of penetrating armor?
Link Posted: 11/21/2002 1:45:19 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 11/21/2002 2:41:18 AM EDT by DavidCrane]

Thank you so much for your kind words. It truly means a lot. More than you know. We put in a lot of work to bring the MP7 story and videos to everybody. HK doesn't even have any video for the public on this weapon yet. We're first, and I'm not afraid to say that we're pretty proud about that. It was a good scoop that was the result of some hard work, some money spent, some mileage put on the old car, and a little luck.

DefRev(DefenseReview.com) will of course endeavor to offer as many original stories and videos as we can in the future. However, the truth is we need more staff writers and people with still cameras and video cameras who attend tactical industry and professional events. Any LEO's, military personnel, or civilian tactical firearms enthusiasts out there that can help us out on that score, please don't hesitate to contact us. We need you. Believe me. We will give you full credit for whatever materials you provide to us. We always credit our sources.

Please also understand that part of DefRev's mission is as a heads-up site for the latest news and information on new tactical firearms and gear, so linking to other people's websites and stories is part of what we do. While I agree with you that DefRev needs to offer more totally original content, just like the MP7 piece, I would proffer that we would still be a very useful resource even if we only offered those heads-up type stories on the latest and greatest, along with appropriate links.

If a new useful or interesting tactical firearm, accessory, or piece of gear comes out, I would like to reserve the right to just write a quick blurb about it, in order to get the news/info out there as quickly as possible to our members and readers, and provide a link to the appropriate company website or story. I hope you don't mind that.

DefenseReview.com(DefRev), right now, is essentially a Slashdot.org for everything tactical--firearms, gear, and shooting(with news and info on the latest products and events). That's our primary format. Feel free to visit Slashdot.org to see what I mean. We're now attempting to combine the Slashdot concept with an online tactical firearms/products magazine with exclusive original content(again, like the MP7 article). This includes editorial opinion pieces. To do this successfully, we need more qualified writers, photographers, and videographers. In other words, we need help. We simply don't have th resource to do it ourselves. I wish we did.

Anyway, please stay tuned. We have more good stuff a'comin'.


Link Posted: 11/21/2002 12:44:19 PM EDT

i downloaded the video.

i have a brand new copy of windows XP-pro with fully updated Windows Media Player.

tried to play it

it wouldnt work.


i downloaded the divx codec.

no dice.

i swore and tried again.

still no dice.

maybe you should re-encode your videos in a more standard format cuz im sure lots of people would like to see them.



Link Posted: 11/21/2002 9:21:42 PM EDT
SpacemanSpiff and BATMAN,

I'm sorry you can't play the videos. According to our Sys/Admin, they are encoded in MPEG 2. We can't recode them at this point. Even if we could, that's no assurance that you would then be able to play them successfully. Again, I apologize.

Link Posted: 11/21/2002 9:58:02 PM EDT
try searching online for "elecard mpeg2" player
you need this one or some other sort of mpeg2 decoder/plaer to play it

good luck
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