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Posted: 6/20/2002 3:58:21 PM EDT
I have narrowed my decision down to either a Winchester 70 ( Stealth ) or a Remington 700 ( PSS ).

Where could I find some good info on these two actions ??

I see that the Winchester is a push-feed and some other people were talking about a claw...

What is the difference in the two ?

Any other differences, likes or dislikes for the two actions would be greatly appreciated !

Thanks USMC_LB
Link Posted: 6/20/2002 4:17:13 PM EDT
Both are fine rifles. Don't count out the Savage 10FP though. It will more than likely out shoot the Winchester and the Remington. Some don't like the stock on the Savage. What are you planning on using the rifle for?
Link Posted: 6/20/2002 4:24:58 PM EDT
Link Posted: 6/20/2002 4:42:02 PM EDT
I saw a member of the US Air Force shooting team at Ben Avery Range north of Phoenix 2 years ago. He had a $4k custom Winchester 70 . He was reloading rounds at the bench. Knew his stuff. But he had trouble keeping it under 1moa @ 200 yds. Let him shoot my box-stock 700PSS. Both were chambered in 300WM. My ammo was just some junk handloads to fire-form some brass. I let him shoot my rifle with my loads. He shot a 1.1" 5 round group @ 200 yds. He then tried my ammo in his Winchester; 4" @ 200yds. He began to mumble and shook his head. Oh yea, I only paid $680 for my Remington.
Link Posted: 6/20/2002 5:01:41 PM EDT
First off... all three rifles (Rem, Savage and Winchester) all have their merits and their detractions. That being said, there is a reason that you'll see more Remington Bolt guns at a bench match than all others combined. There is also a reason more police departments and the US Military (USMC and Army) base their small arms sniping system off a Remington 700 action. Everyone has their opinions, and so do I. I'm admittidly biased towards Remingtons as they have done so well for me in the past. I love the Win pre 64's and Savage may make one of the best factory barrels. But all in all, when it comes time to put the cash on the table, the big green box will follow me home.
Link Posted: 6/20/2002 6:12:48 PM EDT
I don't think it's a matter that the 700 is better than the 70. I think the reason that the 700 is more prevalent is that there's more "stuff" available for it (aftermarket). In fact, after talking to Wally Hart and "Old man" Sinclair, the 70 is still the desired action for Palma-type/across the course matches. Another thing to consider is notice how many PSS's you see for sale lately, and how little Stealth's you see. I know Rem has been having QC troubles lately (chanbers out of line with bore, etc.). One guy at my range came in with a brand spanking new LTR (short PSS)and wouldn't group worth crap. Upon inspection the crown resembled a cheese grater more than a crown. Fortunately, I haven't had anything like that. I don't think you'll go wrong with either. If given a chance to do it over, I'd probably go with the Stealth (or VS) and spend the extra money on optics... Remember the only difference between the (.308) PSS and the VS is the stock. That's it. Contrary to what dealers will say, the PSS doesn't have a hand selected match barrel etc. Also, the "limited 5R barreled" run of PSS's ain't worth the extra dough. It's not a true (Obermeyer or Rock)5R, just a rough copy. Don't get me wrong, I love my PSS's. However, if most of your shooting will be from prone, then I'd lean towards the PSS. Otherwise I'd go Stealth.
HOpe this helps,
Link Posted: 6/20/2002 6:36:29 PM EDT
Trumpet, I wasn't slammin the Winchester, and lord knows Remington isn't perfect. I have a KS out of the custom shop that has a throat so f'n long it makes a weatherby look short! Like I said, I'm openly biased towards remington. One of the things I don't think anyone can argue is that the Rem has the best trigger. I learned to shoot rifles in the Army and that was not exactly geared to precision (ha ha). I started shooting BR after the Army and good friend showed me the way and built all my bench and varmint rifles. Thus the bias towards Remington. I guess, also, I expect to do some amount of work on every rifle to improve their shooting as I have never been satisfyed with a "out of the box" rifle and felt there was room to improve. I digress...sort of off the point. I always wanted to get a pre 64 in a stainless 7mm or 300 WM, but always talked myself back to a Remington. It's those voices in my head that need to be supressed every once in awhile. Oh, I forgot to mention, I'm a lefty and at times it's a bitch to get what you want in a factory rifle (getting better these days though).
Happy shootin' with whatever you got...
Link Posted: 6/20/2002 7:04:25 PM EDT
I hear ya Sleepy on the Remmy trigger and having work done to all my "out of the box" guns thing. I had Hart do their accuracy package on my PSS's and they shoot like a dream. Sorry if I came off as tryin'to bust your nuts (over the Winne thang). That's the last thing I'd mean to do.
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