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Posted: 9/17/2005 10:50:27 AM EDT
I am interested on the opinions of anyone that has shot the BG Armory Viper. I think I am close to ordering. Just looking for input. Accuracy, recoil, etc. Let me know. Thanks db
Link Posted: 9/17/2005 1:39:07 PM EDT

I wrote this during an argument where some folks were arguing the “OTHER GUN” vs. the Viper. I had written a shorter version of this to a lot of folks who had been making inquiries. My rifle now has a 5.5 X 22 Nightforce.

Ok Here it goes again. The “OTHER GUN” uses a muzzle break for a recoil operated (82) weapon. By design it cannot be as effective as one designed for a bolt gun. The Vipers break is much better.

The Viper bolt is further forward and allows people to comfortably shoot either the right handed gun or the left handed gun from either side. The “OTHER GUN”s bolt is further back and perilously close to the shooters face if they are left handed.

The Viper comes in a left handed version. Not so with the “OTHER GUN”.

The Viper has a ramped area forward of the buttstock that allows you to move your non shooting hand back and forth to gain or lose elevation.

The Viper has a safety in it that prevents you from removing the trigger group with the bolt closed. If you remove the bolt from the “OTHER GUN” with the bolt closed and a live round in it......BOOM!!!. Gun goes off!!!!!!!!!

I paid 2395.00 for my Viper and my freindly FFL charged me 25.00. Bluegrass will do the same for you if you ask!! The gun can be painted anyway you want if you are patient. barrel length and length of pull were also negotiable if you were willing to wait!

The gun is competitive with any gun of its type in the accuracy department. Look for the name Mark Avakian and see what he been doing with his Viper. Mine will shoot under an inch with AMAX, and I haven't shot it much or gotten used to the gun yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The “other company” makes a great gun. But me being left handed and wanting others to be able to shoot my 50, the safety issue, the reduced recoil, the better stock design, and the price were all too much to overlook.

The customer service I received while ordering and following up with my gun was second to none.

Jeff called me several times during the order process and afterward just to check up on how I was enjoying my weapon. SECOND TO NONE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Page Armory » 50 Cal
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