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Posted: 7/18/2008 7:17:20 PM EST
Benn drooling over the Mossy Tactical Turkey. I've decided it's to be my next purchase, but the ones I've been seeing around here are over expensive- Near the 500 dollar mark. Perhaps someone knows of another vendor that'll do me better.

Link Posted: 7/20/2008 6:18:53 AM EST
Save your money and get one with a regular stock on it.
I got one when the first came out and it would not hold a pattern worth a damn.
The rear sight was bad on it and moved about an 1/8" side to side.

Mossberg replaced the sight but I missed turkey season because of it. It now shoots better but when shooting the 3.5" loads the wedges that drop the stock pop up and out.
I thought they didn't get the stock tight enough so I took it off and put the wedges back in and tightened the piss out of it. They still pop up when using 3.5" loads.

I emailed Mossberg about it and they wanted me to send in the gun so they could look at it.
I also asked if a part was missing on the forearm tube because it was binding up, it has a threaded nut that rides down the magazine tube and if your not pumping it straight back it (the threads) digs into the magazine tube causing some resistance, makes a clunk sound when you throw it up on your shoulder. They said this is normal and nothing was missing.

I bought a cheap standard stock and put on it and told them that I would send back the collapsible one only if they refunded the price difference. They agreed and sent me a regular stock but wouldn't give me back my money after they said they would in the email!
This ticked me off!
Again in an email they said they would send me 2 ported x-factor choke tubes to help offset the cost but after 2 weeks of checking the mail I didn't get them.
I called them on the phone and found out they sent me accu-choke tubes for a 20 gauge and sent it by Federal express to a PO box..lol..so I'm now waiting on another package.

When I was having troubles sighting it in I thought about putting a scope on it. I hit Google searching for people that did the same thing and found this link and found out that those cute little tactical stocks are junk, with the added weight of a scope+3.5" loads=trip to the ER.

Save your money and get one with a regular stock.
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