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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 11/2/2003 3:08:18 PM EST
I have sinned brothers! I got a SW 5 when Rapid Fire wasn`t sure if their clones were PRNJ legal. I tried shooting it today. The 10th round got stuck in the fluting of the chamber. I was using Federal +P 115 gr. The casing appeared to be nickeled plated.It was a bitch getting getting it out of the chamber.It remended of the PTR 91 teething problems.

Next I`ll try WinClean and American Eagle. They work well in my 9mm ARs.What works for you in your MP 5 clones? Thanks in Advance.
Link Posted: 11/2/2003 4:47:49 PM EST
Do you know who made the barrel? I have an SW5 that was built from scratch with an original HK94 barrel and it'll eat anything.
Link Posted: 11/2/2003 7:17:19 PM EST
i shot a post sample FA sw5 and had multiple failures (ftf, fte) with the winchester walmart value packs. i don't know what the other guys shot through it but they didn't seem to be having the problems i had.
Link Posted: 11/2/2003 7:23:27 PM EST
Apparently some SW5s need +p and +p+ ammo to get proper extraction, the chambers are tight and the flutes are poorly cut.
Link Posted: 11/2/2003 9:03:59 PM EST
I thought it would need hotter ammo to run properly. I really don`t know who made the barrel. I`ll just have to experiment with it.
Link Posted: 11/3/2003 4:47:13 AM EST
I have an SW5 that shhots anything....SW recomend +p ammo for the first 200 rounds I believe...to break it in....then shoot whatever...mine loves Wolf and Walmart winchester.
Link Posted: 11/3/2003 11:42:48 AM EST
My SW5 doesn't seem to be ammo sensitive: I've fired Wolf, UMC, and Santa Barbara through it with absolutely no failures. I just ordered another SW5, and hope that it functions as well as the one in my safe.
Link Posted: 11/3/2003 5:06:45 PM EST
Sounds like you have one of the older SW-5's.

You may be better off just sending it off to have it repaired if you lack the talent.

The run down on the repair is to polish out the chamber, polish the chamber flutes (top of groove to chamber), lap the carreir to the receiver, and replace the extractor spring to a real HK one.

Also, add welding up the mag well to keep the mags tight to prevent jams. This mod is more for full auto rigs running sears, but will need to be done if you get feeding jams on your semi.
Link Posted: 11/5/2003 9:29:40 AM EST
Hang it of your wall, above the mantle.
Link Posted: 11/7/2003 12:38:52 PM EST
Well, I shot my SW 5 again today. I used American Eagle 115 gr and WinClean 115 gr. The SW 5 definitely does not like Win Clean! It gave smoke initially, but overall, it lacks the power needed. I only put 10 rounds of it through the SW5. It was failing FTE every other round.
The American Eagle functioned well. I had approx 2 FTE. I believe all the FTEs were due to underpowered rounds. So, I think the SW5 is like my 9mm Ars. It needs hotter loads.
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