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9/19/2017 7:27:10 PM
Posted: 9/25/2002 2:55:34 PM EDT
Has anyone tried one? Anyone own one? I am looking at the 20051.
Link Posted: 9/25/2002 3:05:15 PM EDT
I shoot Benelli auto's all the way, have three now and soon to be two more, but that is where Benelli's talent stops. If you want a good pump shotgun go with a Remington 870, you can't beat it. The Nova resembles a poor parts gun, and the fit and quality shows it. It might as well be an old Mossberg, which I would also rather have than the Nova. Think Remington when it comes to pump shotguns, with the Nova your just buying the Benelli name and getting nothing for it.

Super Black Eagle 12ga, matte finish
M1 Super 90 12ga, camo, angleported, backbored, forcing cone extended,etc.
Montrefeltro S90 12ga
Link Posted: 9/25/2002 3:19:28 PM EDT
I have a Nova.. bought it the first day it came out and have put around 2000+ shells through it without a jam, hiccup, or anything. It has gone BANG everytime i've pulled the trigger and has never broke, never had to change any of the parts out, never quits working. Also the nova is the fastest cycling pump shotgun on the market.. faster than the Rem 870, fasther than the mossberg 500 or 590, faster than all of them.. its been in mud, rain, and snow and still keeps working.. plus it shoots 2 3/4", 3", and 3 1/2" shells, you can get a mag extension so you can hold 7+1 and a recoil reducer that significantly reduces recoil.
Link Posted: 9/25/2002 5:14:02 PM EDT
Bill, crack kills... lay off it man! Nova, there isn't a finer mass production pump shotgun on the market.
Link Posted: 9/25/2002 8:22:39 PM EDT
Shit man

i've shot more like 200 rounds through my nova. but 2000? Even many days at the skeet range couldnt rack up enough for 2000.....

That said, novas a fun, simple good, reliable very comfortable pump shotgun. I've let it run for days without cleaning, and it still seems to feed fine.
Cleaning is a sinch. i highly recommend extended mag and recoil reducer, especially if u plan on messing around with the magnum rounds.

I've found remington magnum slugs to be the most accurate at 100 yards. Can hit a deer sized target no problem with iron sights.
If u jsut want it for an all around gun, get the special purpose (18 inch barrel) nova, and if u decide to start hunting with it u can always buy the longer barrels that come with (3?) chokes.

Just a side note, if u decide to get a flashlight, u can get the mounts that fit onto an m1 benelli. It's the same size.
Link Posted: 9/26/2002 6:49:27 AM EDT
I sold my 870 for the nova sp and havent looked back, its a great gun.
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